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Can French Bulldogs Mate on their Own?

A lot of people are confused about whether or not French Bulldogs can mate on their own. Indeed, some persons who may be interested in having a French bulldog are being discouraged because of the fact that French bulldogs cannot mate on their own. This is not entirely true as some French bulldogs can actually mate on their own and deliver their puppies. So, the answer to the question, can French bulldogs mate on their own is “yes and no”, and I will tell you why.

The French bulldog no doubt, is a very popular dog breed and highly in demand too despite their peculiar nature. The dog comes in various small dog breeds, they are petite, lively and quirky-looking with big personalities, and have a fun-loving nature and very affectionate temperament. On the other hand, French bulldogs have an increased occurrence rate of certain breed-specific health and conformation challenges, which can make mating and delivery really difficult. This is probably some of the reasons why breeders of French bulldogs claim that they have some impressive monetary value. I cannot contest that here, check out the cost of French bulldogs, that tiny thing is probably more expensive than your car.

If French bulldogs cannot mate on their own, how do they procreate and how come French bulldogs have not gone into extinction?

French Bulldogs: Mating and Delivery

When you consider the number of French bulldogs available for sale or in rescue networks, you will wonder how it could be possible given the fact that the mating and delivery of French bulldogs is very challenging, and it can hardly take place without human assistance.

French bulldogs mating on their own is very difficult because most female French bulldogs have very narrow hips. This makes it extremely difficult for the male French bulldog to mount the female for reproductive purposes, because their hips are simply too narrow to achieve this.


As a result of this, breeding French bulldogs usually require artificial insemination so as to be able to achieve mating and eventual conception. Without being told, this has its own attended cost as there are specialists in carrying out artificial insemination on French bulldogs and their charges can get super high. If you are considering acquiring a French bulldog and you intend to have a litter, make sure you bear this additional cost in mind.

If French bulldogs cannot mate on their own in most cases and most go through artificial insemination, can they deliver their puppies?

Just as is the case with mating, French bulldogs have both narrow hips and large heads, which means that female dogs of the breed rarely go through a straightforward, natural labour and delivery, as this combination of physical traits makes it highly likely that the pups will get stuck in the birth canal. In most cases, the majority of French bulldogs are usually delivered manually by means of caesarean section.

The Truth about whether French Bulldogs can Mate on their Own

Like I noted above, the answer to the question, can French Bulldogs mate on their own is both a “yes” and a “no”.

For starters, majority of French bulldogs cannot mate on their because of the reasons I have identified above. However, this not true for all French bulldogs. The main reason why French bulldogs cannot mate on their own is because most of them have large heads, and very narrow hips, some also say that French bulldogs have breeding problem due to the nature of their nose, thus the stress of mating and childbirth might be too much for them. While I accept these reasons are valid enough make it difficult for French bulldogs to mate on their own, it does not make it impossible.

Not all French bulldogs are born with those exact features. In other words, not all French bulldogs have very large heads, or very narrow waists. There are some French bulldogs with small or moderate heads and wide hips, these breed of French bulldogs can easily mate on their own and deliver their puppies without human assistance.

Selective breeding to produce French bulldogs with wider, more natural hips whilst remaining within the remit of the breed standard remains an ongoing process, which makes entire French bulldogs of the breed that have wide enough hips to be able to mate without assistance in high demand.

TIP: If you are making plans to acquire a French bulldog intending to have a litter, you have to make your enquiries right and ensure that the one you are getting is able to mate on their own and deliver their puppies or be prepared to undergo the process of artificial insemination with the attendant cost.

Can French bulldogs mate on their own? This is the answer we have. Let us know what you think about this piece. Sign up for more updates from us.


  • Nik

    I I have s blue brindle French bulldog still interested

  • C Thomas

    I have female pug want me to mate with French bulldog

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