How to Perform Artificially Insemination on French bulldogs?

How to Perform Artificially Insemination on French bulldogs?

Artificial insemination is a process used to get a female dog pregnant without having sexual intercourse with a dog of the opposite sex. Before the whole process, the semen is taken from the male dog and then screened before it is planted into the female reproductive organ.

This will lead to the sperm fertilizing the female egg and then lead to the formation of an embryo. If you are not experienced in the process, it is advisable not to begin this process. This is because it takes a lot of knowledge and skill to perfect.


Assessing if there is a need for Artificial Insemination

There are a lot of reasons why breeders would prefer artificial insemination. Sometimes, some breeds happen to suffer from a reduced gene pool. Also, if there is a significant distance between the male and the female dog, then artificial insemination will be the best option.

Also, through artificial insemination, you can make semen from a dog that has several desirable traits available. Only dogs that have good traits and can transfer these traits to offspring should be bred. This is to ensure that the offspring are healthy.

Just as you did for the male, you should also assess the female dog to ensure suitability for breeding. Any female dog that has health issues can suffer from serious problem during pregnancy.


Collecting Semen

As soon as you confirm that the male dog is suitable for breeding, now is the time to collect the semen. This process is a technical one, and you have to pay attention to your dog.

It would help if you took your male breeding dog to a female dog that is currently on heat. The female dog on heat will begin to emit pheromones, and this will get the male dog excited. As soon as the male dog makes a move to mouth the female dog, you redirect the penis into an artificial vagina; there the dog can ejaculate.

Some cases exist where the dog that is on heat is not readily available. You can then get cotton wool, wipe off the vagina of a female dog that is in the peak of her heat and preserved the cotton wool.

This way, any time you need semen, you could take that cotton wool, wipe the tail of any dog around and this will make the male breeding dog respond to have sex. This way, even if injuries make a dog unable to breed, you can use this method to breed naturally.


Evaluate the Semen

After you get the semen, you should begin to analyze it under a microscope. This is done to ensure that the semen has the number of sperm cells.

If you do not want to use the semen immediately, you should it put in a refrigerator. Semen that is not used within 24hours will need to be frozen. You can store semen in liquid nitrogen at temperatures below zero. At this temperature and conditions, the semen can last for many years.

However, much success is recorded using fresh semen. Chilled and frozen success rates fall below 80%.


Putting Semen into the female bulldog

Before you begin, ensure that your female bulldog is in the correct stage in her circle. Female bulldog will be on the heat just twice a year. The vet can assess the stage of your bulldog heat period.

He will do this with a swab of the vaginal of your female bulldog. This is the best way to know if your dog is on heat. Many dogs do not bleed too much. You should then insert the semen into the dog’s vagina. The female is made to stand on the examination table, and a pipette is used to put the semen inside the vagina.

The dog should be made to stand for about 10 minutes after inserting the semen. The dog should not sit or urinate. If not, the semen will be lost. The dog can be allowed to walk around after 10 minutes but jumping and urinating should be after about an hour of inserting the semen.

You should know that when inserting the pipette, you should continue inserting until you feel some resistance that you need to push past until you get past the cervix. As you go through this process of inserting, your dog will let you know when it begins to hurt.

When she begins to growl at you, then you can pull it back a little and then insert the semen. However, do not pull it out too much so you can still insert the semen.

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Where would I buy a fake vagina and pipette I really want to breed my frenchie who is pure white wit both sides of face and ears blue and caries the lilac and tan Jean as that was the colour of his dad…would I have to do it more than once on his first time and would the 1 sample be enough for twice to insure it works?


Seems like good information but you really need to spell check before you post information. Makes me want to go else where to ensure im getting the correct information?

Anthony Harris

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