Can Other Dog Breeds Get My French Bulldog Pregnant?

Can Other Dog Breeds Get My French Bulldog Pregnant?

Breeding with other dogs is a common habit among dog owners. Usually, this happens when you want a mix of some features in another dog. You may like the skin texture of a dog and would love your new puppies to have the same. This process is called cross-breeding.

The French bulldog itself is a result of cross-breeding. The French bulldog is not just like any other breed. They only began existing from the 1800s. This is why it is quite challenging to get them pregnant, because of some unique features they have.

Most of the French bulldog gets pregnant through artificial insemination. Their pregnancies are still the same as most dogs, nine weeks. This duration covers the whole period of conception to the period where the mother gives birth.

Although the birth does not always fall in the 9th week, it sometimes falls around the 8th weeks, and other times it can go beyond the 9th week.


How do I get my French bulldog pregnant?

No matter how you try to bring a male and a female French bulldog together, they are hardly able to reproduce on their own. Reproduction doesn’t work that way for the French bulldogs. They can only reproduce by way of artificial insemination. But all you have to do is to check the traits of the male dog breed that you want the semen to come from. You can also get frozen semen from breeders.


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What to Look Out for Before Cross-breeding your French Bulldog:

  1. Check for Male Dogs that have Excellent Physical Traits: apart from the fact that dogs can serve a different purpose, you need to know that natural gait and beauty is also among the feature that makes them stand out.
  1. Ask for Any Congenital Conditions: many dogs are usually born with some form of the disease condition. Ask for any from the breeder or the owner of the make you want to get semen from. You will not like your new puppies to come with congenital conditions like heart conditions.
  1. Check the Intelligence Quotient: all dogs have varying levels of intelligence quotient. Your vet usually measures this. You can ask the male dog owner that of his dog. Some may lie about it. You can test it out by calling out some instructions for the male dogs.


After Cross-breeding:

French bulldogs are very loyal companions. They can stay with you through every moment of your life. Because of this unwavering nature of them, they have become quite popular in recent times. If your French bulldog is matured enough to get pregnant, and she’s actually pregnant, here are a few things to do.

  1. Veterinary Care

It is very wise to have a regular visit to the vet. If you have successfully crossed your French bulldog, it is the right time to visit the vet. You should do well to schedule an appointment if the French bulldog is already pregnant.

  1. Feeding

The pregnancy of your French bulldog falls under three trimesters; every of which will last for 21 days. In the first trimester, when pregnancy is noticed, you can switch to a high-quality meal.

By all means, try to avoid feeds that come with animal by-products. You can also provide feed multiple times a day. This will help the dog continue to have the energy to maintain the puppies in her stomach.

  1. Environment

It would help if you did all you can to ensure that the environment is stable. This will help your French bulldog care for her expectant puppies properly. Also, for the time of the pregnancy, you should try to avoid the change of routines. Also, avoid changing the furniture; you should also not bring in new puppies to add for her care when she finally delivers.

You can put the whelping box in the corner of the room. Ensure that it can locate this box at any time of the day.

  1. Behavior

Pregnant French bulldog can switch from being a sweet mother to being a protective mom in a twinkle of an eye. Sometimes, the pregnant bulldog may not have a sign of aggressiveness before crossing but then will not mind if they need to snarl at you for their space.

Also, it is necessary that during their pregnancy and delivery, children do not put their hands in the whelping box.


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If you love your French bulldog to have puppies that are a mix of several interesting traits, then cross-breeding with a different dog is possible. Ensure to check the qualities of the male dog before you carry on with this process.


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I am a Frenchie breeder, this is misinformation! I have had 4 litters and not ONCE have I needed to use artificial insemination. A lot of people don’t need to use it.


Help! My 18 month old bitch Frenchie went into heat. A unaltered Labrador came and she got out of our area and was with him for a half hour before we knew it! I am horrified!
He is still hanging around my home and whining for her. Does this mean it’s possible nothing happened yet?


I enjoyed reading about this breed. Only criticism is I still don’t know if male Frenchies CAN breed with OTHER breeds? I don’t want to get him fixed but I also don’t want any puppies from other dogs.


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