10 Unknown Facts About French Bulldogs

10 Unknown Facts About French Bulldogs

Some French bulldog owners think that they know everything about their dogs but that is not the case. These dogs have some lesser-known facts that can blow your mind out. Their compact size, bat-like ears, and charming personalities are what everyone knows about. There is much more about these dogs than you could imagine from their history to their history to their traits and needs. Here we will discuss the 10 unknown facts about French bulldogs. 

1. French Bulldogs Are Not French

Despite their name, French bulldogs are not French, they were bred in England in the 1800s as a smaller version of English bulldogs. At that time bulldogs were very popular among the people of Nottingham. After some time when the Industrial Revolution started, these workers moved to France and took the small bulldogs along. With time, these dogs are crossbred with local dog breeds, and the Frenchie we know now was born.

2. They Were Once Ratters

At the start, Frenchies had a practical job, they used to hunt rats. Their small body and agility are what make them great at hunting rats in different workplaces. As of now, their role has not been the same but they still have a great sense of curiosity, and their nature to run around and play, tells a lot about the history of working dogs.

3. The Famous Bat Ears Were a Fluke

One of the main features of French bulldogs that makes them unique is their large and upright ears which are also known as “bat ears”. You will be amazed to know that this was not the first choice of breeder. Breeders want their ears to be like English bulldog's rose-shaped ears. However, as time goes on these bat ears become their identity and beloved characteristic. Today, it is one of the most recognized features of French bulldogs.

4. They Are Surprisingly Good Swimmers

Everybody thinks that French bulldogs are not good swimmers because of their short legs and stocky bodies, but they are quite good swimmers. However, because of their brachycephalic structure, they can't breathe easily in the water that’s what makes it essential to supervise them while swimming. Another thing you can do is to use a life jacket that is specifically designed for French bulldogs. A shark life vest is a great option for our Frenchie. It is made up of high-quality polyester and breathable mesh. The adjustable buckles and easy straps make it very comfortable to wear.

The reflective color and straps also make it visible from a long distance. So next time you are going swimming take this life vest for your Frenchie.

5. French Bulldogs Are a Low-Energy Breed

French bulldogs are famous for their easygoing and laid-back nature and just like most of the other small breeds, they don’t need a lot of exercise to stay healthy. They are really happy with small walks and playtime on a daily basis and it's enough to keep them happy. This is what makes them a great choice for people living in small apartments and have a less active lifestyle.

6. They Are Prone to Heatstroke

French bulldogs have a brachycephalic structure due to which they struggle a lot in hot weather conditions. Their short noses make it difficult for them to cool down properly and it increases the risk of heat stroke in them. Being a Frenchie owner it's important to protect them from heat stroke and keep them cool in hot conditions. In summer months you can provide them shade, a lot of cool water, in some conditions air conditioning if necessary. Never take them out for exercise in peak heat time, only go for walks early in the morning and late in the evening.

7. French Bulldogs Can Be Stubborn

Generally, French bulldogs are very friendly and affectionate but they are also famous for their stubborn nature. When training a French bulldog you need a lot of consistency and patience, because they can stuck on things sometimes. However positive reinforcement methods like praise and treats work great for these pups. Despite their stubborn nature, they are extremely intelligent and can learn new tricks and commands very easily.

8. They Have a Unique Way of Communicating

French bulldogs are very famous for their expressive nature and they try to communicate with their owners in different ways. They make different kinds of sounds like grunts, snorts, and even howls to show their needs. Even some owners report that their Frenchies have a talkative nature which means they use their talkative nature to convey their message in different situations.

9. French Bulldogs Are Celebrities in Their Own Right

Due to the charm of French bulldogs, they are very famous among celebrities and social media influencers. Many celebrities like Lady Gaga, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Hugh Jackman are proud owners of  French bulldogs. Other than that many French bulldogs are Instagram stars and they have thousands of followers because of their adorable photos and antics. Their popularity in the Western world is increasing day by day.

10. They Come in a Variety of Colors

French bulldogs come in different sets of colors and patterns. The breed has several recognized colors like brindle, fawn, white, black, and cream. However, French bulldogs are available in many less common colors like chocolate, blue, and lilac. These rare colors attract many Frenchie lovers but you should be aware that these color variations are linked to many health issues and you should only get Frenchie from registered breeders.


French bulldogs are very unique dogs and they have a rich history and distinctive characteristics. From their origin to becoming a companion dog and a social media star, Frenchies are proven to be charming dogs. Whether you are a new owner or just a fan these amazing facts will make this breed more special to you.


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