Why is My French Bulldog Breathing So Fast?

Why is My French Bulldog Breathing So Fast?

Breathing is one of the necessary physiological activities for your French bulldog. You can often tell if something is wrong with your Frenchie by observing its breathing pattern. As a good Frenchie owner, you should be able to pay close attention to your French bulldog.

When your French bulldog breathes typically slowly, it is known as dyspnea, while tachypnea occurs when you breathe excessively fast. A healthy dog will make between 20 to 34 breaths per minute. Any breath out of this range should be a concern to you.

When a dog has breathing problems, it can become life-threatening. Any form of difficulty breathing can be a sign of significant health challenges for your French bulldog.

As soon as you notice that your dog is not breathing well, you should contact your vet. The vet can get the best solution to your dog’s breathing problems as soon as possible. Before you call your vet to report too fast breathing, ensure your French bulldog has not recently returned from an exercise or an extensive exercise.

What causes breathing difficulties in French bulldogs?

Just like humans, French bulldogs have a complex respiratory system that contains several parts. Any infection in these parts can lead to breathing difficulties in your dog, either too slow or too fast breathing.

Every dog breed is prone to respiratory tract infections. To prevent your Frenchie from having any respiratory difficulties, you will have to ensure they are given clean water and a clean environment to live in.

What causes Fast-paced breathing?

Temperature: French bulldogs that are stressed or hot will breathe very past as a way to cool off their internal temperature. Heatstroke usually has fast-paced breathing as one of its early signs; you should ensure you talk to your vet if you suspect your Frenchie has heatstroke.

How to recognize abnormal breathing

Many times, you should be able to notice a fast breathing French bulldog, but some other times, you won’t see. Knowing a French bulldog breathing very fast is by noticing their posture; they will usually drool more copiously than they usually would. They will also make loud noises like rasping and snorting.

When you notice that your dog is panting when it hasn’t done any exercise recently, it should bother you. When you can see the nose of your French bulldog moving, and its mouth was drawn wide, you should speak to your vet.

French bulldogs who have breathing difficulties can lie down with their neck to the ground. And when you try to interact with them, they become distressed. You can also check their body to see if their tummy moves in and out too fast.

You should also check your French bulldog; if it changes color or has a blue tinge, you should immediately contact your vet.

Bad and irregular breathing can be awful for your French bulldog. However, you should ensure that you examine its mouth to ensure nothing is stuck there before taking it to your vet.

Malnutrition can also affect your French bulldog’s breathing. Take out time to build an excellent feeding and exercise plan for your Frenchie; this will help it have a stronger immunity in infection cases.

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I’ve have just got a 2 year old girl frenchie and she breathing fast while resting is ut normal as I bought her off a man that she lived with from birth so could ut be speration and anxiety or could it be something else. Any help and advice is welcome

Samantha Hall

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