How Do French Bulldogs Give Birth?

How Do French Bulldogs Give Birth?


The French bulldog is a rare breed. Hence it usually needs special care for it to live comfortably. There are unique circumstances for the Frenchie that other dogs do not pass through. All these make it difficult for French bulldogs to give birth naturally. Their body make-up does not actually allow them the opportunity to do certain things.

The French bulldog's puppies are usually block-like, and this will be difficult for the Frenchie to deliver naturally except through surgery. This is the reason why 80% of Frenchie are delivered by cesarean section. For French bulldog to give birth, they need a cesarean section. Natural births are possible, but it endangers their lives.

During Cesarean section

During this process, the Frenchie's uterus is cut open, and the puppies are removed with their hands. An assistant helps the vet receive each of the puppies as he takes them out of the uterus. The assistant cleans them up and examines them for any complications and abnormality.

The session will last for 90 minutes or less. The surgery aims to reduce the time which the Frenchie will be under anesthesia. Hence the need for you to find an experienced vet for this procedure. The cesarean section cost is about $2000. This cost is so because of the peculiarity needed to carry out a thriving cesarean section for the Frenchie.

Frenchie are also more likely to suffer from complications during delivery than any other dog breed. The more reason why you have to ensure you get an experienced vet for your French bulldog.

For a French bulldog to give birth, you need extra care else they will have several complications during the process. There are lots of factors that can cause the complications, one of such is the flat faces of the female Frenchie. And because of their flat face, it isn't easy to provide oxygen for them during surgery.

Another complication is called dystocia – this happens when the bitch cannot push out the puppy from the birth canal without needing external assistance.



Before Cesarean

Before your Frenchie goes for operation, it is advisable to cut off any food and water access. This is necessary to prevent vomiting during and after the cesarean session. Vomiting during this session can lead to choking and is very dangerous to the health of the female Frenchie.

Cleft palate is another complication, although this occurs in the newborn and can affect their ability to eat. This condition requires surgery to resolve.

Natural births are possible, but it is risky to allow them to start to go natural. You should speak to a vet to know what is best, but there is a high chance a vet will choose a C-section for your female Frenchie.

Frenchie can give birth naturally, but it is rare. Most of them will use the cesarean session to deliver their puppies. This is linked to the size of the puppy's head and the narrow hips of female French bulldogs. And for their safety, a cesarean section is recommended.

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