The Pros and Cons of Owning a French Bulldog

The Pros and Cons of Owning a French Bulldog

If you want to find out whether owning a French Bulldog is Right for You, then you are in the right place. Wisdom teaches us that perfection is a myth. So, while we definitely love Frenchies, and there are so many lovely things about them and why we love them, But then, there are also other reasons you might be discourage from owning a French Bulldog. Therefore, in this piece, we will look at the pros and cons of the dog breed called French Bulldogs.

Let us now give you a rundown of some of the things you'll love about the French Bulldog breed, and other things you'll probably hate them for.

The Good Sides of Being a French Bulldog Mom or Dad:

  1. Frenchies are charming and they have unique personalities. Some of the very charming personalities of Frenchie you'll love are the fact that Frenchies are very playful, athletic, sociable, and highly affectionate. So, generally Frenchies fit well in that of personality class that you can take as the next member of your family.
  2. You'll love their adorable smushed face.
  3. They are great companions. This comes naturally to French Bulldogs in general. It's not a matter of training. Frenchies are the breed for quality companionship. They are that type of dog and will just lay there with you while you both Netflix and share reactions. They love to go anywhere with you. A French Bulldog will never leave you lonely.
  4. French Bulldogs love to stay close to their owners and cuddle a lot.
  5. They are a very loyal dog breed
  6. Frenchies are super smart. The IQ level of an average French Bulldog ranks somewhat above most other dog breeds. They are so smart that they are capable of knowing all your family members by their names and also the names of other dogs in the neighbor. Try this, mention the name of one their friend, and see how your Frenchie will react.
  7. They are also very funny and hilarious. French bulldog are always up to something around the house. They have a very quirky personalities that you can help but just keep you laughing all day.
  8. Frenchies are one of the few dog breeds that are great with children. French Bulldogs are good family dogs. French Bulldogs are perfect for children. They will never harm a child, instead Frenchies protect children, and play with them very cautiously.
  9. They don't give much stress breeding them
  10. You can conveniently live with your Frenchie in a small apartment. Some of the reasons why Frenchies are considered great apartment dogs includes the fact that they don't need much exercise or land to run around, and they rarely bark.
  11. Frenchies don't bark a lot like most dogs do.

Yea, there you have them. Those of the things you'll be proud of your Frenchie for. However, there are other areas you may not really fall in love with about the French Bulldog.

The Bad Sides of Being a French Bulldog Mom or Dad:

  1. Frenchies fart a lot. Learn more about Why French Bulldogs fart a lot.
  2. Frenchies are very susceptible to separation anxiety due to their very clinging nature, and bond with their owners.
  3. There are several health issues you'll discover about the French.
  4. They are generally an expensive dog breed to acquire. Learn more about French Bulldog pricing.
  5. Even though Frenchies are loyal dog, they can as well get stubborn, no doubt about that.
  6. They tend to be very needy, which increases the cost of maintaining a french Bulldog.
  7. They are highly intolerable of extreme weather conditions like extreme heat during summer, or extreme cold during winter.
  8. They shed a lot hair, and some of them seem to suffer a lot from hair lose.
  9. French Bulldog snore, they snort and they snarl.

So, in our opinion, the good side of French Bulldogs far outweigh the bad sides of French Bulldogs. For all that it is worth, French Bulldog is still one the best dog breeds in the world. If you think otherwise, or disagree with any of the good or bad reasons we outlined above, then let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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I very much appreciate the pros and cons you mentioned about the Frenchie and I also agree with your opinion about the pros outweighing the cons. Thank you so much.

P.S. in my opinion, it does not sound to me like the person who left the comment saying the Frenchie was “a joke of a breed” would make a good pet owner.

P.S.S. when I adopt a Frenchie, I will definitely purchase from you the Pupreme French Bulldog Hoodie. I can’t wait.


I disagree with/youand your opinion of the French bulldogs intelligence.
They are rated number thirty eight on the scale of all breeds for intelligence,
There are plenty of breeds that make a much better dog . My friends have one and it can’t even go up or down the back stairs to the yard or any of the stairs in the house it has to be baby sat all the time so that it doesn’t fall down the stairs and break a leg . What a joke of a dog .,

Belveno basso

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