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Historically, French Bulldogs are known to be companion dogs created in the 1800s in England and accompanied English Lacemakers to France. Besides being a companion dog, French bulldog was once a very good ratter, essentially however, French Bulldogs have become better known today as a family friend and show dog. So, in this piece, we are going to lay to rest, the question, "are French Bulldogs Good Family dogs?"

We are covering the following areas:

  • Physical Appearance;
  • Intelligence;
  • Human Contacts and Family Life;
  • French Bulldog as a Home-keeper;
  • Downsides of owning a French Bulldog in your home; and
  • Highlights.

Physical Appearance:

When we say that French Dogs are a family friend kind of dog and "show dog", it typically depicts the saying that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" because when you place French Bulldogs side by side with other dog breeds, you certainly won't think that French bulldogs are showy, so to say.

So, aesthetically, they ain't that good looking to show off, but what most people behold in French Bulldogs are not physical attraction, rather it is those attributes he has, which makes him one of the best companion dogs that has ever existed in history. French Bulldogs are small in size but sporty and has a powerful muscular body with an easy-going personality.


French bulldogs generally are very playful, and this attribute makes training a Frenchie pretty much fun, as long as you make every training session seem like a game or type of play. However, if you make it all too often, chances are that he will begin to find it hard to take your instructions seriously.

They are intelligent, and great at calculations or reasoning, classified as "Free Thinkers". This attribute makes Frenchies have a mind of their own. Ideally, don't test them in a competition for obedience and agility even though some will pass that challenge. French Bulldogs' Free-thinking attitude may make them seem to be stubborn. For instance, if they decide to dig in their heels, there's no budging them. So what's important, actually, is understanding your Frenchie and knowing what he wants at every points in time, he'll make a good family dog.

Human Contacts and Family Life:

One of the amazing attributes that makes French Bulldog a great family dog is his love for human contacts. He loves to shower his owner with unreserved attention and loves to get the same treatment in return. Uncountable number of times, French Bulldogs have been subjected to a series of observations, and research has proven that French Bulldogs generally get along with everyone including Children.

They have the tendency to get jealous if you start showing attention and care to other dogs in their presence. So, to large extent, Frenchies are territorial and possessive of their owners.

Frenchies are not the type of dog that you need to make a lot of room for, they cohabit very well in a small apartment with the owner's family. This also says a lot about their being a good family dog.

French Bulldog as a Home-keeper:

One thing you'll notice if you have a French Bulldog is that he doesn't bark for no reason. They make a great watchdog at home because they have the intelligence to alert the owner when a stranger is within the house, they also have the ability to sense criminal behaviors of an unknown person, and that's when you see them become aggressive. In some occasions, French Bulldogs have been seen to protect and defend their homes even with their lives on the line.

Downsides of owning a French Bulldog in your home:

First of all, these are not actually downsides of owning a French Bulldog in a family home, they are just some points you need to watch out for while keeping your French Bulldog.

French bulldogs need only a little exercise and not so much, just a 15-minute walk per day is okay for them for prevent them from being overweight. Also note that they are not a fan of heat, as much as they don't like extreme cold weather. So you want to keep your Frenchie in a moderate temperature condition, and comfortable surroundings.

In a Nutshell:

Here are a few of the points to note -

- While you should take your Frenchie on a Walk everyday, they don't need too much exercise.

- Keep your Frenchie in a cool moderate temperature condition as they are susceptible to heat as well as extreme cold weather.

- French Bulldogs are easy to train, but learn their stubborn moments and know how best to handle them.

- They are not noisy, or known to bark unnecessarily, so Frenchies will maintain the serenity of your home.

- French Bulldogs are friends to kids, though it is important to keep your eye on your kids when they are together with dogs generally.

- They are excellent watchdogs and can secure and keep your home.

- O yes! French Bulldogs are good family dogs.

If you have a different opinion, let us know in the comment box below, if not, give us a thumbs up and be back for the next amazing piece.

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  • Denise Ebert

    all true I love my frenchie

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