Frenchies are a cute, affable and delightful dog that'll always make your day whenever you are with them with their entertaining personality. In this article, we are going to take a walk through the temperament of French Bulldogs and their Personality traits.


Environment and genetics are some of the most important factors involved in shaping French Bulldog's personality, it is also the same factors which play out in forming a person's personality. As such, Frenchie personalities essentially differ from one another. In general, the early developmental years of the Frenchie the most far-reaching influence on the personality of the French Bulldog. This also has an effect on the temperament of the French Bulldog.

The personality and temperament of French Bulldogs have made them very renown as apartment dogs, and much popularity, being among the Top 10 of American Kennel Club's most popular list of 155 dog breeds. This pet often has a loving rapport with their owners, which makes them a very fantastic pet to have. Other endearing personality traits of French Bulldogs include their small-size, bat-shaped ears, their need for little exercise, and the fact that they are not big on barking - kind of a cute, quiet home dog, hence, they are mostly adaptable almost any environments with the owner.

You'll find your Frenchie quite a handful while he is yet a Puppy, basically because they are very playful. So, if you have or considering to own a Frenchie Puppy, you should expect to have an energetic canine that likes to get in trouble. But, not to worry, this trait will disappear with time as your Pet grows older. This part of the Frenchie is not peculiar to it as a pet, we find something like that even in our babies, but they grow older they continue to exercise a level of control over certain things.

One of the important personality traits of the French Bulldog is that they are generally a very intelligent dog breed; sometime they may show some startling intuition. Their level of intelligence is also palpable from the level of their adaptiveness to different environments.

Frenchies love maintaining a very close companionship with their owners. You find him always trying to sit on your laps, wanting to be a center of attention, and all that. You may well describe him as the active lover and a dignified adult, though being an adult do not really rob them of certain mischievous traits that l make them a coveted dog to Frenchie lovers. The French Bulldog personality might just be the best personality of any small dog. They’re fun, loving, and absolutely adorable and will turn into well-mannered and charismatic adults. But without the proper upbringing, they can become reclusive, aggressive, and barky. This phenomenon occurs with every breed, which makes their puppy years so important.

Personality Differences Between Male and Female French Bulldogs

If you are raising a male and female French Bulldog, you'll definitely notice some differences the personality trait of both. For instance, Male Frenchies are more likely to be too playful, and assertive, while the female folks are more timid, docile, and affectionate. They are also easier to house train than their male counterparts.

Other personality difference you'll identify between the male and female Frenchies is that the females are nippier. On the other hand, while the male Frenchies can be aggressive, the females are usually more aggressive and temperamental in their early age. The second segment of this article is on French Bulldog Temperament.

French Bulldog Temperament

Much like the personality trait of French Bulldogs, the temperament of this pet is also largely influenced by a number of factors such as age, environment, kind of upbringing, parents, genetics.

Generally, Frenchies are known to be very docile and have a short attention span, but they learn quickly and may actually be calm throughout their puppy years. They are not the aggressive breed but can nip. Where the French Bulldog's temperament becomes a difficult thing to deal is with regard to their stubbornness. As they age, they become more stubborn, and if you don't handle it properly, it might get out of hand, as they may further lead to them becoming more aggressive. French Bulldog aggressive might degenerate to affect other areas of their behavior and general temperament.

Overall, French Bulldogs are well-tempered, friendly animals whose worst temperamental flaw is that they can have a stubborn streak. They’re affable by nature, and they’re not quick to aggression, and their separation anxiety comes exclusively from just how much they love their owners.


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