Why Do French Bulldogs Fart So Much?

Why Do French Bulldogs Fart So Much?

You love your Frenchie but you no longer find it funny that he farts so much around the house and now you want to know why Frenchies fart so much? You are not alone, almost all French Bulldog owners are experiencing the same thing. In today's post, I am focusing on addressing some hidden cause of those stinky farthings.

Gassiness and Flatulence is the top reason Frenchies fart so much, generally, French Bulldog get really gassy most times. This is because Frenchies have very sensitive stomachs, more than other dog breeds. Hence, if you can want to control the Frenchie farts, you have to begin by controlling his diets.

French Bulldog farts are usually as a result of their regular diet, it might also be as a result of taking something that's rather unusual, different than their normal diet. Such may be responsible for your Frenchies gulping a lot of air, which he then stores in his intestines thereby forming gas giving rise to stomach upset.

Asides from the type of food they take, the manner in which they eat can as well be a cause of French Bulldog farts. For instance, if your Frenchie swallows a lot of air while drinking water or eating food. This could happen if he eats his food or drinks very quickly. You can take care of this aspect by getting Frenchie a bowl that allows him to eat slowly.

Other major causes of French Bulldog farting include the following:


  1. Too Much Carbohydrate Consumption: There certain types of dog foods that contain a high quantity of carbohydrate. Other types of foods that may cause stinky gas are Dairy products, Fermentable foods, bad quality dog foods, Cabbage, Beans, Broccoli, and Cauliflower among others. This can also be the result if your Frenchie is sharing table scraps with your French Bulldogs.
Furthermore, you should avoid feeding your Frenchie spoiled food, or spicy foods (ensure that you check the expiry date of the dog food you purchase). Avoid feeding your Frenchie low-quality dog food like junk foods. There are also other ingredients in a portion of food that the French Bulldog does not tolerate. There are times Frenchies digestive system cannot handle some component in their food. If you are giving your bulldog chicken, then try to change the food and give another protein source and check if that control their gas problem.

  1. Lack of Exercise and Obesity: Obese Frenchie have a higher tendency of farting, in other words, the more obese a French Bulldog, the more prone he is to chronic gas issues. Hence, you need to make a habitual thing to take your French Bulldog for a walk. This helps his health and helps him to stay in shape.

  1. Aerophagia or Frequent Swallowing of Air: The face of a French Bulldog is flat, therefore they tend to take in a lot of air in the course of feeding. Normally, Frenchies like to eat very fast. Therefore, it is important to buy a bowl that helps them to maintain a slower pace while eating.

Why Frenchies Fart More Than Other Dog Breeds

French Bulldogs have ma ore sensitive digestive system, thus, even though all dogs breeds have the same problem of stomach upset, the sensitive digestive system of French Bulldog makes them fart more than other dog breed and their fart stinks a whole lot, too.

How to Deal French Bulldog Farts

You cannot really stop Bulldogs from farting. It’s in the breed! But you can lessen it and even reduce the stench by feeding your Bulldog the following:

  1. High-quality dog food – You can either buy a well-balanced, natural dog food or cook it yourself.
  2. Dog foods that are rich in fiber – Fiber helps keep your dog’s digestive system in good condition. You may give your dog apples, brown rice, carrots, and green beans.
  3. Herbs – There are some herbs that actually help in dogs’ digestion like chamomile, cardamom, fennel, peppermint, fenugreek, and pimpinella.
  4. Anti-fart dog cookies – Yep, apparently anti-fart dog cookies are available in the market. These cookies are high in nutrients and fiber.
  5. Yogurt – Fortunately, most lactose-intolerant dogs can tolerate yogurt. This product helps reduce gas due to its live cultures that assist with digestion. You may mix 2 tablespoon of yogurt with your dog’s food.
  6. Probiotics – Probiotics such as Ercefora or Yakult can also help deal with dog gas.

Hope that you find this piece helpful to you. If you have any question or comment, kindly use the comment box below.

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What yogurt can I use, he also looks a bit bungedup someone told me to use graded carrot

Sara Johnstone

It is very expensive to breed French Bulldogs. They usually require Artificial Insemination and require C-sections due to puppy heads being to big to pass through a vaginal birth.


why do they cost thousands of dollars? Are there any less expensive frenchies available?


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