How much do french bulldog costs

How much do french bulldog costs

Among the small dog breeds, French bulldogs rank the highest in popularity, especially with city-dwellers. They are miniature versions of bulldogs with particularly large “bat ears” and a compact muscular body. Their bright affectionate nature combined with their alertness make them capable watchdogs.  Furthermore, Frenchies have an even disposition and do not require too much outdoor exercise.

Thinking of getting a Frenchie companion?

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If you’ve decided on getting a French bulldog, there are two ways you can go about it. You can either get one from a rescue or choose a one from a breeder. The cost of your French Bull Dog will depend on a multitude of factors such as colour, age and breeders geographic location.

French Bulldogs are available in a wide variety of colours – brindle, white, brindle and white, cream, fawn, fawn and white. Blue and merle shaded French bulldogs are also available but they are not pure breeds. They are a genetic variation of interbreeding with Chihuahuas and are more expensive.

The average life span of a French Bulldog is 15 years and if you take good care of them they can be wonderful companions.

Getting a French bulldog

French bulldog puppy price range

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A French bulldog puppy can cost anywhere from USD 1500 to USD 8000 and up. The reason for so much variation in the cost is that French Bulldogs are generally incapable of mating naturally and have to be artificially inseminated for breeding. This process is generally long and arduous incurring various costs. Additionally, they do not have large litters. Usually they have up to 3 puppies at a time.

The whole process of breeding the female involves many tests from blood tests, fertility treatments, and much more adding to the costs. Furthermore, most deliveries tend be C-sections due to the size of the puppies. All of these factors add to the inflation in the price of a French bulldog.

Keeping your French bulldog healthy

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There are a few things to keep in mind before bringing your French bulldog home :

Grooming – One great thing about a frenchie is that it does not shed too much. So it is sufficient to brush once every week. The best way is to use a medium thistle brush or hound glove to help remove hair that is shed and give your frenchie the best appearance and comfort. Grooming your French bulldog this way aids in distributing skin oils thoroughly and promotes hair growth. Their nails however need to be trimmed regularly as long nails will be painful for the bulldog. Given the many folds of a Frenchies face they need special care to be kept neat and dry.

Exercise – French bulldog do not require too much outdoor exercise. A short walk is would be sufficient. It is best not to let your frenchie over exert himself in hot or humid weather. They are a brachycephalic breed, meaning they have flat faces making breathing difficult.

Nutrition – French bulldogs as a breed are prone to obesity. It pays to be watchful of their diet and calorie intake. Otherwise it will cause problems in weight gain, by damaging their physical structure.  So be careful while feeding them dog treats and table scraps. Be sure not to feed them cooked bones or foods high in Fat. Overall their food should not cost over 30 USD unless you choose to go for premium brand foods, which may cost a bit more.

French bulldog maintenance costs


Owing a pet comes with its own associated costs such as good pet food, vaccinations, toys dog crates, leashes etc. These could account for up to USD 700 annually. French bulldogs have their own breed issues and require additional health care tests that could add to their maintenance costs. The Merle French bulldog costs even more because it’s a special breed and it has greater health issues with respect to hearing and sight requiring more testing on the part of the breeder.

There is also the cost of house breaking them. Training them is not always easy and a trainer costs up to USD 500.

To give you an idea of the various illnesses they are prone to and the associated costs :

  • Breathing problems – As a breed they are prone to breathing issues. Fixing this up can cost anywhere near USD 5000.
  • Disc problems – They are a dwarf breed and prone to disc problems that can cost anywhere from USD 4000 up to USD 7000.
  • Spinal problems – Apart from heart diseases they are also known to have spinal issues. Costs to fix those could add up to around USD 9000.

Furthermore, they are prone to eye problems like cherry eye, juvenile cataracts, autoimmune skin disorders and and skin allergies. Vet costs for these can also add up.

Additional costs of owing a pet French bulldog

One more thing to consider is the cost of travelling with your frenchie. They require additional outlays for travel tickets, special accommodations in hotels that allow pets and more.  If that adds up to be too much you may have to factor in the kennel costs for your frenchie, which averages to around USD 50 per night. If you however choose a dog spa or more luxurious accommodations for your loved pet they can cost a bit more.

Things of which to be aware

Caring for your French bulldog means keeping in mind some activities that are not suitable for them. For instance, frenchies are front heavy and cannot swim. It is best never to let them be unattended near a water body like a bath, pool etc.

It also pays to be extra careful during hot or humid weather. They are naturally prone to breathing difficulties and these weathers can exasperate the problem.

Despite all these French bulldogs are very popular because of their charming personalities. They make friends easily with other pets and humans and have a very friendly disposition. They are very adaptable and are content to stay by their owner’s side.

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Very nice where can i get some to buy in ghana

Fredrick Ohene

Very nice where can i get some to buy in ghana

Fredrick Ohene

I am looking to rescue buy or rehome a young frenchie…does not need to be a puppy. Black mask fawn would be my choice but am flexible thanks Marlene

Marlene pascoe

I am looking to rescue buy or rehome a young frenchie…does not need to be a puppy. Black mask fawn would be my choice but am flexible thanks Marlene

Marlene pascoe

soooooo cute i love them


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