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HaiRify TM : Brosse anti-peluches et poils d'animaux

HaiRify TM : Brosse anti-peluches et poils d'animaux

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OBTENEZ UN LOOK « TOUT NEUF » : Donnez une nouvelle vie à vos vieux tissus en leur donnant un rasage rapide sans endommager le tissu ni laisser de résidus collants.

Nettoyez tout : vous pouvez maintenant enlever les poils d'animaux, les peluches, les miettes et la saleté de vos vêtements, literie, meubles, tapis, rideaux, tissus d'ameublement de voiture et plus encore.

Nettoie sans effort en quelques secondes : éliminez les poils de votre maison en quelques secondes en roulant simplement d'avant en arrière sur le tissu.

ENLEVEZ LES POILS D'ANIMAUX SUR LA ROUTE : Le portable la conception de l'épilateur de poils d'animaux garantit que vous êtes toujours prêt à combattre les poils/peluches lors de vos déplacements.

Le dernier épilateur dont vous aurez besoin : avec ses têtes en cuivre réutilisables, vous n'aurez jamais besoin d'un autre épilateur. Lorsqu'il est plein, c'est aussi simple que de vider la chambre de captage.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Josef B.
HaiRify TM : Lint and Pet Hair Remover Brush

Works perfectly. Took out all the peels and lints on my coat in less than 5 mins. Works way better than those expensive fabric shaver/lint removers. I’m very pleased with this product.

Sam G.
HaiRify TM : Lint and Pet Hair Remover Brush

It works well for my two dogs. They shed a lot especially in the winter. I was having headaches cleaning up my sofa since there was lots of dog fur stuck to it. This product saved my life for cleaning up all dog fur. It works well on both my sofa and my clothes.

Ramz d.
HaiRify TM : Lint and Pet Hair Remover Brush

The wide edge of this tool is wonderful for making quick work of lint removal. The coil design works much better than any of the other scrapers, razors or even electric shavers I have tried. Lint and hair seem magically attracted to the coil so they come off easily. You can easily pull the fuzz off the edge of the shaver with your fingertips as it collects. I am really impressed by how easily it gets fur out of my cats’ favorite nesting spots that even my vacuum doesn’t pick up. You know, when the fur gets caught in the fabric fibers and you usually have to scrub forever with the upholstery tool. The fur catches easily in the coil. I have included a picture of one of my tops, which is a lint magnet in the wash. I cleared that area in about 10 seconds, without much effort. I would recommend this tool to anyone

Lina F.
HaiRify TM : Lint and Pet Hair Remover Brush

I love this lint remover so much I bought more than one. It's amazing on wool coats. Takes the lint and pet hair right off my cat tree too!