Toys that are safe or unsafe for French Bulldogs

Toys that are safe or unsafe for French Bulldogs

Does your Frenchie bug you to interact while you're trying to get some work done? Most of the time, your dog's getting bored.

French Bulldogs need fun and mental stimulation in their daily life. A dog toy is designed to give your Frenchie something to pull.

Safe dog toys for French Bulldogs

Read on for five dog toy categories that are safe for your Frenchie.

  • Tug toys
  • Tug toys are safe, interactive, and are a great outlet for your French Bulldog's physical and mental stimulation. If your Frenchie enjoys tug-of-war, a tug toy is a great way to encourage their playful temperament. Tug toys relieve stress and pent up energy. 

    No matter which tug toy you choose, they should be made with high-quality materials and come with an easy-to-grip shape for your Frenchie. 

  • Puzzle toys
  • Puzzle toys are great as an enrichment toy for French Bulldogs of all ages. Puzzle toys are entertaining and can help with many behavior problems. 

    You can banish boredom from your French Bulldog's life with clever puzzle toys. Puzzle toys are particularly helpful for French Bulldogs who live in an apartment without a yard. 

  • Fetch toys
  • Fetch is a great way to exercise your French Bulldog. Fetch toys will revolutionize your play sessions and keep your pooch active and engaged for hours on end. 

    These toys also strengthen the bond between you and your dog. With the right fetch toy, you and your fur buddy can enjoy tons of fun whenever the mood strikes. 

  • Dental chews
  • French Bulldogs enjoy chewing on something. Many dental chews can help remove plaque and tartar from your Frenchie's teeth, while polishing their gums. 

    Apart from cleaning teeth, chew toys provide the additional benefits of anxiety and boredom relief. They also encourage healthy chewing habits from the start. They simply satisfy the natural urge of your French Bulldog to chew.

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  • Distraction toys
  • Distraction toys are interactive and entertaining for your French Bulldog. They serve as an incredible outlet for your French Bulldog's mental and physical activity. Distraction toys are a great way to promote this playful behavior.

    Unsafe dog toys for French Bulldogs 

    Read on for five dog toy categories you would do well to skip.

  • Tennis ball 
  • It’s a classic option, but not a safe one as it can pose health risks for French Bulldogs. Dogs can easily break the tennis ball in their mouth. They can even shred the outer yellow-green fuzz. It can lead to choking hazards and intestinal blockages. 

  • Wood sticks
  • Many French Bulldogs love chewing on real wood sticks and consider it a play object. This chewing on wood sticks is hazardous for French Bulldogs. Wood can splinter easily and can cut into the dog’s mouth, causing infection. If your dog swallows wood pieces, they can turn into intestinal blockages.

  • Synthetic stuffed toys
  • French Bulldogs should not be given toys with synthetic stuffing. These stuffings are not digestible and can get stuck in a dog’s teeth or throat. Buying a toy that has small parts can be dangerous. Your French Bulldog can swallow or choke on them. 

  • Cooked bones
  • Chewing bones seems like a convenient solution to keep your French Bulldog busy and satisfied. However, they can actually be unsafe. When a French Bulldog chews on cooked bones, they may break and splinter. This can block your dog’s airway and choke your Frenchie. These fragments tend to be sharp and might cut the inside of her mouth and throat. There is some risk of bacterial contamination, if used for many days.

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    Benefits of dog toys for French Bulldogs

    A French Bulldog that has safe toys is a happy, healthy pet. Here are some of the reasons why dog toys are good for dogs:

    Keeps your Frenchie busy and stress-free:

    Toys create fun and a useful distraction for your French Bulldog. As your Frenchie gets engaged in a toy, it redirects destructive chewing and prevents behavioral problems.

    Toys build independence:

    Toys keep your French Bulldog entertained while you are not there. Your French Bulldog is also more likely to give you your space when you're trying to get things done at home.

    Stimulate your French Bulldog's mind

    Playing with enrichment toys will give your French Bulldog a great mental stimulation, especially if the toy is interactive. 

    A fun and easy way to train:

    Dog toys are a fun and easy way to get some training. Tug toys help increase your dog's impulse control. 

    Teeth and jaw muscle exercise:

    Your French Bulldog will end up with better dental hygiene just by playing with chew toys. Your dog will not only enjoy stronger teeth and gums, but also less plaque by playing with chew toys.

    They can be used as positive reinforcement:

    If your French Bulldog enjoys playing with toys, it can be used as a reward in your next training session. For many Frenchies, a toy is much more rewarding than dog treats.

    Dog toy safety tips for French Bulldogs 

    There are a few precautions you should take to ensure safe play with dog toys. 

    • When first offering the toy, supervise all play. Monitor your French Bulldog while he plays with a dog toy.
    • Always buy a dog toy that fits the size of your French Bulldog.
    • Ideally, only get dog toys that your French Bulldog cannot fit entirely in his mouth.
    • Once your French Bulldog begins to break or shred the toy, it’s time to toss and replace it.
    • Clean dog toys as needed to prevent bacterial buildup. Most can be washed safely with soap and air-dried.
    • Carefully read the toy’s instructions to ensure it is safe for French Bulldogs of all sizes.
    • Rotate your French Bulldog's toys weekly by making only a few toys available at a time.

    Final Thoughts 

    French Bulldogs love toys almost as much as kids. They can play with their favorite toys for hours without getting bored. Remember that not all toys are right for all dogs. Both the breed and age of your pup will play a role in determining what’s best for them.

    Enjoy watching your dog play with their toys with your dog because playtime is always fun!

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