Five Common Dog Toy Mistakes to Avoid

Five Common Dog Toy Mistakes to Avoid

French Bulldog and Toy

French bulldogs like toys, no doubts. But when you want to get toys for your Frenchie, then you should ensure you are doing it right. Toys come with several advantages but they are not devoid with some other hazardous side effects. There are some toy mistakes that you should not make, and this article will list about five common mistakes that you should avoid.

  1.     Buying a Toy That is Too Soft

I always suggest that you gift your French bulldog a hard toy. Some toys are labeled soft and are majorly for puppies; do not get those for your adult French bulldog, especially when it is past the 12th week.

Your French bulldog can chew those toys that are soft and swallow them too. This can be a significant health challenge much later. So it is wise if you get something strong for them and difficult for them to bite off and swallow.

  1.     Buying the Wrong Size Toy

Your French bulldog can also choke when the size of the toy is wrong. When your dog is given a small-sized toy, for example, a small ball, then you may likely be prepared for a medical emergency because your dog may swallow the small ball and eventually choke on it.

Using a tennis ball can also be bad for your French bulldog. Before you get a toy for your French bulldog, ensure that the balls are large enough and can be lodged in the dog's mouth.

  1.     Stuffed Animal Toys for Dogs

Some toys are made just for human babies and not for your dog. Human babies will know that the toy is not meant to be eaten, but your dogs won't. These stuffed animal toys are soft and comfortable to be torn apart; your dog cannot help but eating it and chewing any part away as soon as it is torn off. Even if your dog likes it, yet there is something to worry about here.

The jaws of your French bulldog are quite powerful, and the stuffed animal toys were not built to overcome that kind of pressure. If your dog has ingested any of the stuff from the toys may begin to have some abdominal issues that can lead to vomiting, diarrhea, or complete blockage of the abdomen.

  1.     Giving a Toy That Does not Serve Any Motivation

Getting a toy for your French bulldog should be mutually assessed and not just a sole decision you come up with; ensure that you check your Frenchie's temperament before you get it. This will help you know how to get your Frenchie motivated.

Toys should be able to make your Frenchie happy, but if it isn't, then the chance that you have gotten the wrong toy for your dog is there; you should then try to get the best toy for your dog.

  1.     Taking the Toy Away as a Punishment

When your dog has done something wrong, you should not take their toys away as a punishment; instead of taking away the toy when the dog has done something wrong, you should use it to reward your Frenchie when he does something commendable. This way, you help enforce good behavior for your French bulldog.


French bulldogs are happy folks, and you should do all you can to gift them the right toy with the best quality. Also, you should train your Frenchie on how to use the toy; if it is a toy meant for the game, you should try to create time for your Frenchie; play the game with it and ensure that it learns how to use the toy even in your absence.


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Very informative, found helpful as I am a new Frenchie owner. Thank you

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