What are the French Bulldog's Favorite Things?

What are the French Bulldog's Favorite Things?


French bulldogs are adorable little pets. They bring us much joy and happiness; when you look at them, you cannot help but be thrilled by their amazing features that come with their face, body, and activity. The energy the French bulldog comes with alone can influence you a great while.

It is okay if you want to get them their favorite things; the more reason we have seen it necessary to do this piece so you can have a list of exciting things to appreciate your French bulldog with.


A French bulldog owner will attest to the fact that Frenchies love to scratch. And if you have been with them for a few hours, you must have been presented with their hind-end; they love to scratch and crave a good massage.



Yes, food!

Your French bulldog perhaps has eaten more than you expected in the first few days. And that’s it. Frenchies are also known as foodies. They will never get tired of it and especially if it is one of those yummy ‘human food.’ You can make your French bulldog happy by giving it some of those dog-safe healthy human foods.



French bulldogs are all active, and they love to game too. It doesn’t matter what game it is, as far as it involves your Frenchie flexing its muscles and using its nose, it is all exciting. Whenever you go into any activity that will have your French bulldog use some mental or physical energy, it makes them very happy.



The fact that you love your Frenchie also interprets that your French bulldog can love you. Your French bulldog also loves toys. Toys have a way they can keep themselves occupied. These toys can be a fun way for your French bulldog to interact with itself; Yes, it is more like a reflection of its abilities.

You should get a toy that will suit your French bulldog temperament; when getting toys, you should also get the ones that can help your French bulldog interact with other dogs.

Toys have their unique purposes; hence you should check through the particular purpose a toy will be used before purchasing them. There are toys to help your French bulldog cuddles; there are those that can ease your French bulldogs' breathing. Some toys also come along with a game function.


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Here are examples of toys you can buy for your French bulldogs;

1. Paw Treat Ball

This toy is an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor use. This toy is a combination of a puzzle toy and a ball.

2. Bone Chew Toy

This toy will help improve the dental health of your French bulldog. It will give your Frenchie a lot of crannies; it can put its mouth around. This toy will eventually be torn to pieces, so you should have your bulldog play with this indoors.


Why you need to give your French bulldog its favorite things

Just as was mentioned above, your French bulldog will remain active and energetic if you get them their most favorite things. Depriving them of these will lead to them being idle and depressed.

A sad French bulldog is dull and lacks all the energy it needs to relate fine with you. You may not be able to tell the difference between a sick and a depressed French bulldog. Since they are energetic and active, then you should ensure it remains this way.

Your French bulldog can get into other activities that will not be safe. Sometimes, French bulldogs that do not have any favorable kinds of stuff to occupy will begin to boreholes in the earth and eat things that come from it, which can be detrimental to its health.

Your French bulldog can also start tearing up stuff at home. This can be a lot of stress for you. Hence it is a double advantage to get your French bulldog occupied.

In conclusion, it is good to have your French bulldog at heart; you should make it a thing of responsibility always to make your Frenchie happy. Just in case you do not have all the funds to get them all listed here, you should ensure they have their food and any toy you can afford is available. Getting them any of the listed things they like will make you stand out as a good French bulldog owner. 

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