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Xena - Unisex Clogs

Xena - Unisex Clogs

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Discover the perfect fusion of comfort, style, and your love for French Bulldogs with our EVA Bright White Foam Clogs. These classic clogs, with their signature holey fun upper, aren't just a fashion statement—they're a nod to your favorite canine companion.

Crafted with care, the lightweight EVA material ensures you can move as freely and playfully as a spirited Frenchie. The Croslite™ footbed molds to your feet, providing a custom fit that’s as unique as the beloved breed itself. Ventilation ports not only add breathability but also allow you to wade through puddles just like a Frenchie in the rain, shedding water with ease and quickness.

The clogs feature pivoting heel straps, echoing the adaptability of French Bulldogs to various environments, ensuring a secure and snug fit whether you’re on a casual walk or out on an adventure. This classic clog, a cult favorite, has been embraced by men and women alike, and is now ready to capture the hearts of French Bulldog enthusiasts with its playful and practical design.

To keep your clogs in tip-top shape, simply cleanse with water by hand and let them air dry, much like you would care for a Frenchie after a fun day out. Remember, just as a Frenchie isn't suited for the rough tumble of a washing machine, neither are your clogs.

Step into a pair of our Bright White Foam Clogs and carry the spirit of French Bulldogs with you wherever you go—your feet enveloped in comfort, your companionship with your furry friend celebrated with every step.

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