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Shark Life Vest V2 (CS02)

Shark Life Vest V2 (CS02)

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Your Frenchie will look adorable with its dorsal fin. The vest is extremely practical and functional, and since it is made of very durable material, it can last a long time. You can use it both for building your pet's confidence in the water and for keeping him or her safe.

 When walking and swimming, your pet will become the center of attention with this shark-style life jacket.

  • Material that is professional diving fabric, high density, and buoyant. Dogs with an easily injured waist and abdomen will be protected by the warm effect.
  • It features nylon straps with quick-release buckles and Velcro at the neck and belly for a secure fit.
  • With the convenient top grab handle, you can easily reach the boat by hand or using the boat hook.
  • The D-ring is used for leashes.
  • With two rubber grip handle covers, this dog life jacket can be pulled easily if needed.
  • With adjustable buckles on the sides, you're sure to find the perfect fit.

French Bulldog shark vest


The Right Way To Wear

  1. Take off the neck strap and unlock all buckles.
  2. Connect the neck.
  3. Connect the chest.
  4. Adjust the belly strap to fit comfortably.

 Safety Dog life jackets provide your French Bulldog with flotation, allowing them to spend more time in the water easily without feeling tired

While it's hot in the summer, your pets will love to come along, while at the same time, your family and friends will love to play in the water. The breathable lining makes it easy to clean and dry quickly.

Whether your dog is going to the beach, swimming in a pool, boating, sailing, hunting, or surfing, your dog life jacket will fit perfectly.

This high-quality dog life jacket is best for small-breed and medium-breed dogs. The small dog life jacket is lightweight but it can keep your dog always floating above the water. It is a true lifesaver for your pet.

    French Bulldog Shark Vest Features :

    • A whole new way to doggie paddle!

    • Full-body water flotation support for your Frenchie

    • The vest is designed with a cute shark fin that's flexible but solid enough to grab onto

    • Includes a metal D-ring next to the handle





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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 12 reviews
      Shark Life Vest V2 (CS02)

      My dog did not like this because he did not like the water. He panicked with supervision. I had to immediately take him out and he was stressed when he got on land. I feel so bad and this company is giving me a hard time in returning the item after being a long time customer. So sad

      Shark Life Vest V2 (CS02)

      First time my frenchie wore this the on D ring ring came off. Slipped it on him one pull towards the water and the tab and D ring just pulled right off. Super cute. Not super quality. Any chance of replacing?

      Shark Life Vest V2 (CS02)

      Great quality!! Looks super cute. We haven’t tried it in the pool but so far so good!! Got a size L for my 33 pound dog

      CJ Elcombe
      Shark Life Vest V2 (CS02)

      Super cute! Super stoked! However, the first time I put it on my dog, and clipped the leash to the D link, it ripped! My dog simply jogged and the stitching came apart and my dog was free! Not overly impressed with the quality

      Raquel B.
      Shark Life Vest V2 (CS02)

      Coco Birk loves his vest. He’s gotten so fast at his swimming