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Reflective Jacket for frenchie (WS21)

$29.95 USD



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There's a reason we call this the Ultimate Winter Jacket! Whether it's raining, snowing, or just extra cold outside, you can keep your Frenchie warm and protect them from the elements without sacrificing good looks.

Featuring a waterproof exterior, soft, warm, and comfortable fleece-lined interior, easy to use hook-and-loop sides, reflective material on all exterior seams, a convenient leash loop, elastic across the belly to keep cold air from getting in, and a draw string around the neck to keep rain and snow out, it has every feature you'd want in a winter coat for your Frenchie!

Material: Waterproof Exterior, Fleece Interior

Sizing: Use the largest measurement that fits your Frenchie. For example, if their neck would fit a L, but their chest is an XL, you should get the XL. If they're between sizes or right before the next size up, it's best to get the larger size.