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Professor Paws - French Bulldog As Academic Themed Duvet Cover Set

Professor Paws - French Bulldog As Academic Themed Duvet Cover Set

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Introducing Professor Paws: French Bulldog, the Academic Star

Immerse in the intellectual charm with our "Professor Paws" duvet cover set. This delightful French Bulldog, dressed as a professor, adds an element of fun and wit to your bedroom decor.

Blend of Academia and Adorable Cuteness

Our duvet cover set harmonizes the profound world of academia with the playful nature of a French Bulldog, manifesting an engaging blend that enlightens your mood.

Perfect for Academics and Frenchie Admirers

This unique bedding set makes an ideal gift for academics, students, or anyone who cherishes French Bulldogs. Express your love for knowledge and Frenchies in a snug and soothing way.

Craft an Intellectual Sleep Environment

Sink into a stimulating, relaxing ambiance with our "Professor Paws" duvet cover set. This professor-themed bedding set inspires a peaceful and restorative sleep.

Enhance Your Academic Dreams with Professor Paws

Our duvet cover set is a perfect addition to your bedroom, inspiring you with a Frenchie professor, making your dreams more profound and knowledge-filled.

Washable and durable;Close skin fabric;Non-irritating;Good moisture absorption and breathability;

  • Made of polyester


Size Guide

inch Quilt Cover 70.9*81.9 81.9*81.9 55.1*81.9 79.1*79.1 52.0*79.1 70.9*82.7 70.9*78.7 79.9*89.8 89.8*89.8 89.8*89.8 67.7*85.8
cm 180*208 208*208 140*208 201*201 132*201 180*210 180*200 203*228 228*228 228*228 172*218
inch Pillowcase(2PCS) 19.7*29.5 19.7*29.5 19.7*29.5 19.7*29.5 19.7*29.5 19.7*35.4 19.7*29.5 19.7*29.5 19.7*29.5 20.1*35.8 19.7*29.5
cm 50*75 50*75 50*75 50*75 50*75 50*90 50*75 50*75 50*75 51*91 50*75
Product measurements may vary by up to 1~3cm


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