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Not My Fault - Hoodie for Frenchie

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Frenchies can be troublemakers, but one look at that cute little face and it's pretty easy to forgive just about anything that they do! With this 'Not My Fault' Bear Ear Hoodie, your Frenchie can remind you that regardless of what kind of trouble they get into, it's not their fault! (And they deserve some extra snuggles just for being so dang cute!)

This hoodie sweatshirt is made from a soft fleece faux fur, and features a hood, elastic around the bottom for extra comfort and a great fit, front and back legs, and of course, the oh-so-cute bear ears and 'Not My Fault' embroidery!

Material: Fleece

Sizing: Most adult French Bulldogs will fit in the "FB" size. Use the largest measurement that fits your Frenchie. For example, if their neck would fit a L, but their chest is an XL, you should get the XL. If they're between sizes or right before the next size up, it's best to get the larger size.