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Long Vertical Flannel Breathable Blanket 4 Sizes

Long Vertical Flannel Breathable Blanket 4 Sizes

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Wrap yourself in warmth and love for French Bulldogs with our French Bulldog Lover's Blanket. This cozy and luxurious blanket is designed especially for Frenchie enthusiasts, providing both comfort and style. Featuring a delightful Frenchie-themed design, it's the perfect addition to your Frenchie-loving home. Embrace your passion for these charming dogs and experience ultimate coziness.

* Crafted from lightweight flannel fabric, ideal for a vertical-style blanket.

* Features one-side printing that retains its vibrant colors even with long-term use.

* The opposite side is made from high-quality, soft white flannel for added comfort.

* Available in four sizes, perfect for your home's bedroom or sofa.

* Versatile usage extends beyond indoors; it can also be used outdoors as a beach towel, picnic mat, or tablecloth.

* Easy maintenance - hand wash gently or use a machine on a delicate cycle, and iron at a low temperature or allow it to air dry.

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