Magic Gate for Frenchies (WS57)

Magic Gate for Frenchies (WS57)

Magic Gate for Frenchies (WS57)

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Close the gate. Stop worrying. Have fun.

This safety gate is the easiest and most discreet way to protect frenchies all around the house. It's recommended for Frenchies and it can be moved from one place to another in the house when needed. When not in use, the gate takes minimal space and blends perfectly to your home and decor, with a simple, but elegant design.


2 sizes available:

S: 29 x 43.3 inches (72 x 110 cm)

L: 29 x 70.8 inches   (74 x 180 cm)


  • 1. Measure the width. 
  • 2.Stick 4 hooks where you want to install the magic gate.
  • 3.Unfold the fabric woven 
  • 4.Pull 2 metal poles to the max length
  • 5.Put poles into the tunnels on the both sides of the fabric woven
  • 6. Hang the fabric woven on the 4 hooks