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Frogy™ - Frenchie Winter Hoodie (WJ13)

Frogy™ - Frenchie Winter Hoodie (WJ13)

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Our Frogy™ - Frenchie Winter Hoodie is the perfect piece for your Frenchie to wear during the chilly winter months. Besides being cozy and warm, the sweater also leaves an impression. A high-quality polyester blend is also used to create this pet winter dress, which gives your Frenchie extra warmth and makes your pet look fabulous. Frog shape design makes this dress beautiful.

To protect your Frenchie's skin, we use non-toxic materials. It is suitable for walking, outdoor activities, sports, travel, keeping your puppy warm, and allowing your Frenchie to play whenever the weather changes. You can also use it to take pictures of your dog at the holiday festival. With loose sleeves and a thicker chest, the French Bulldog winter hoodie looks relaxed and comfortable. This pet dress fits perfectly on any French Bulldog.

We're sure that you and your pet will love this Frenchie winter hoodie. No doubt about it. 

Buy now this French Bulldog winter sweater to save him from the cold.



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