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Frenchie Winter Pajamas

$42.95 USD




Frenchie Shop! Exclusive Winter edition Frenchie Pajamas
An entire new design of our favorite pup🐾😊. 
Have a Frenchie or just love the cute little pups? Well this super cute Winter Pajama set is perfect to keep you warm this winter!  They are the best for going around the house and let you show off your love for your puppy!
  • Top
  • Pants
  • Buggy Bag
These limited edition PJ's are a must have for all Frenchie owners and lovers. The premium flannel material is super soft and comfortable
This sweater style pajama top has a beautiful Frenchie pattern. The top is made from a super soft premium flannel to keep you warm this winter, and we guarantee you that you will never want to take it off!The top also features a crew neck collar that never pinches. For those looking for an even looser fit, we advise ordering a size larger than usual.

The super cute pants features the same pattern has the top. The flexible waistband allows you wear them in a number of different styles.

Some girls prefer wearing them above the waist like the popular high waistband shorts, and some like wearing them right at the waist. The flexible waistband lets you choose how you wear them, so that no matter what style you prefer, every girl can be comfortable!

For those looking for a less form fitting pair of shorts, we advise you to order one size larger or even two sizes, just to ensure your comfort. Every girl likes their pajamas in different styles, and this dynamic pajama set lets you decide which style to rock!

*This top is very loose fit so don't be discouraged if you don't meet these exact dimensions*