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Frenchie Leash - 5 Frenchie Essentials All-in-one (WS271)

Frenchie Leash - 5 Frenchie Essentials All-in-one (WS271) - Frenchie Bulldog Shop

Frenchie Leash - 5 Frenchie Essentials All-in-one (WS271)

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Here at Frenchie Shop, we care about the health of your Frenchie. Did you know according to the ASPCA, Frenchie reaches the dehydration point faster than humans and this can happen in both cold and hot temperatures? So when you and your Frenchie are out for some daily exercise, having water on hand safeguards against dehydration and prevents health complications.

This Frenchie Leash has revolutionized the dog walking industry. With 5 convenient pet walking essentials all packed into one stylish unit, it stands out above the rest. We created a leash that ensures water is always on hand for your pet. The conveniently stored water container holds 350ml for those hydration top-ups when you're out and about and is coupled with a collapsible bowl attached alongside. It's so discreet you would never know it was there.

Constructed from highly durable polypropylene, the Frenchie Leash boasts smooth sleek lines and comes in a variety of colors.  Not only does the Aqua Leash come with its waste bag dispensary unit, but it also offers a carrying hook for filled bags, leaving your hands free. Now that's smart!

This is no ordinary leash. Considerable thought went into designing this ergonomically engineered unit, not only did it need to perfectly contain these 5 essential pet walking must-haves but also feel amazing to hold.


  • Choice of Three Colors: You will be able to get one of these leashes in a shade of red, black, or blue, so you can choose the shade you like best or the one that best resembles your dog. Otherwise, if your dog seems to have a preference for a certain shade, maybe you should go with this one. If you have more than one dog, getting different colored leashes for them can also be a good idea.
  1. Durable materials: As mentioned, each leash has a solid steel safety latch, and the leash itself is double-strength nylon. Thanks to these durable materials, every leash you have can last for years or more without breaking. We can even last you a dog's life, no matter how they behave when strapped to their leash.
  • Bowl, Dispenser: The water dispenser and water bowl attached to each leash are made of silicone rubber and plastic, you won't have to worry about your dog exposing your dog to toxicity while ingesting water in one of these articles.
  • Promotes Good Hydration: Just as humans should stay well hydrated while walking outside in the summer sun, dogs should too. Unfortunately, there aren't many public water sources available where people tend to walk their dogs, so sometimes dogs and humans fall without them. If you have an Aqua leash, however, you can use its bowl and dispenser to allow your dog to drink.

    Instructions for use (step by step)

    • Frenchie Leash Tie: To start using your leash, attach its steel safety latch to your dog's collar and hook it onto the leash handle, which is attached to the built-in water dispenser. Even if your dog pulls and pulls on the leash when you start to walk, the safety grip should be strong enough to keep his leash securely attached to his collar.
    • Drink when needed: If necessary, remove the built-in water bowl from one side of the leash and fill it with water from the built-in dispenser. Place the bowl somewhere on the ground near your dog for it to drink, and when done, attach it to your leash.
    • Scoop Waste: If your dog has to go to the bathroom, grab a garbage bag from the built-in bag dispenser located on one side of your leash near the handle. Collect your dog's waste in the bag with the utensil of your choice (you will need to carry it separately), then hang the bag on the integrated hook of your leash.
    • Back home: Once you and your dog are tired or tired from walking, go home and dispose of the used trash bag that you are carrying in your trash. Detach your dog's leash from his collar by detaching the steel safety catch, and store the leash in a safe place until you need to use it again. If you might not be using it for a while, you might want to empty the water dispenser if it still has water in it.

    We know you are going to love owning a Frenchie Leash so much, that you'll want to buy one for your friends and family.

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