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French Bulldog Anti-UV Windproof Sunglasses

French Bulldog Anti-UV Windproof Sunglasses

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French Bulldog Anti-UV Sunglasses

Our French Bulldog Anti-UV Sunglasses protect your pup's eyes from allergens, dust, wind, and harmful UV rays.

  • As mechanical protection against allergens and UV rays, these pet anti-UV sunglasses can be used after eye surgeries
  • Our Frenchie anti-UV sunglasses will perfectly fit around the dog's head
  • Setting up is easy
  • The product is available in two colors
  • Our dog anti-UV sunglasses are made of soft silicone that shapes according to the pet's head
  • Glasses with UV protection
  • Soft frames won't irritate the fur on the dog's face and eyes
  • A pair of elastic straps that are adjustable
  • The lenses are UV-resistant

What makes us love them?

 If your Frenchie has an eye injury, has undergone surgery, or just needs mechanical protection against pollen, dust, wind, or dirt, these dog sunglasses will come in handy. Easily adjustable, they fit around the dog's head perfectly. You can choose between two colors, so you can make sure your little gremlin not only stays safe but also looks cool and trendy.

S size:

Head Elastic Straps: 40cm-54cm/13"-17.5"; Chin Elastic Straps: 12cm-20cm5"-7.5" (No Tensile Measurement); Frame bridge Perimeter:23.5cm/ 8.5". 

L size:

Head Elastic Straps:22cm-38cm/16" -21"; Chin Elastic Straps: 12cm-20cm/7"-12" (No Tensile Measurement); Framebridge Perimeter: 31cm/12". 



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