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Crossbody Fashion Bag for French Bulldog W302

Crossbody Fashion Bag for French Bulldog W302

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Our Frenchie crossbody fashion bag is brand new, made with high-quality leather material to give it's a stylish look. The expert designer designed this bag with a white and black color match, attached with a chain to wear on the pet neck, that gives a stylish look. Your Frenchie looks different in the room when he wears it. We ensure eco-friendly materials for your Frenchie skin safety. Both size and design of the bag unique were never before. 


This dog crossbody fashion purse is especially for Frenchie's trendy style lover, Who does not want to miss new style and wants to keep updating his/her dear Frenchie. This fashion bag is used for pet snacks, which is really convenient for outdoor activities. The high-quality leather bag is easy to clean, easy to store, and saves space.


We Frenchie Shop is not only a brand but also a comfortable lifestyle attitude and lifestyle advocate. We will strive to provide our customers with quality products and services.


Buy this pet crossbody fashion bag for your Frenchie.


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