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Christmas Vibes - Soft Polyester Premium Fleece Blanket

Christmas Vibes - Soft Polyester Premium Fleece Blanket

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Wrap yourself in warmth and love for French Bulldogs with our French Bulldog Lover's Blanket. This cozy and luxurious blanket is designed especially for Frenchie enthusiasts, providing both comfort and style. Featuring a delightful Frenchie-themed design, it's the perfect addition to your Frenchie-loving home. Embrace your passion for these charming dogs and experience ultimate coziness. 

* Soft polyester premium suede fabric for new style blanket

* Only Front printing and will not fade for bright designs

* Interior lining made from an ultra-soft micro fleece fabric for warmth

* Machine washable and dry with cold water gentle cycle

* 3 Sizes for a family style or convenient to carry outside


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