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Frenchie Carrier Backpack ™ (CS09)

Frenchie Carrier Backpack ™ (CS09)

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1: You can carry your Frenchie just like an infant on your back or front when you are camping, hiking, simple shopping or bicycle.
2: Open-top pet pouch carrier with legs out and tail out design let your pet feel 2: comfortable and safe while keeping your hands free
3: Easy-access side zips, velcro elastic top closure
4: Fully adjustable straps, with internal leash attachment

When choosing the size, please leave more 1-2 inch, or your pet may be uncomfortable.  


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Size :  CM

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Frenchie Carrier Backpack ™ (CS09)

Looks cute in the photo, but...wrong size sent, and zippers are very cheap quality, one is stuck and won't even open.

Isabel E.
Frenchie Carrier Backpack ™ (CS09)

Perfect for my frenchie. She is currently 8 pounds. I ordered the medium since she will get bigger, could have gotten a small I think

Dalia R.
Frenchie Carrier Backpack ™ (CS09)

I bought it for my 11-pound Dachshund (size M). It was too short. Size L would have been too short too. She is a long Dachshund. :) But I made it work. I took it apart and added a two-inch fabric to the front. My Dachsy seems to like sitting in it. I don't think it's good for her back though, so we will be using it sparingly.

Lia Z.
Frenchie Carrier Backpack ™ (CS09)

Love it! It is well-made. I plan on using it to take my dachshund hiking. It is so hard finding things that fit such a long dog... She is 10lbs with a 14 inch back. I got the large and it works! (but is a little wide). The only thing I would change is that it could have more padding on the shoulder straps (for the human wearing it). That said, they are criss crossed it the back and very secure. Doxie

Hanna R.
Frenchie Carrier Backpack ™ (CS09)

First off I would like to say this product is amazingly designed. my dog loves it. BUT let me warn you that the moment you put it in it will lead to uncontrollable laughter. This product also may or may not lead to intoxicated nights then deciding it’s an excellent idea to wear your dog and dance in the house. This may or may not cause your dogs inner ambitions to show your dog that he/she is an excellent dancer. It may/may not inspire your dog to follow their new passion of dancing and want to become a famous dancer.