Ceramics Bowl for Frenchies (WS41)

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Ceramics Bowl for Frenchies (WS41)

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Can you imagine eating every day with your head down almost on the floor? It is not a comfortable position and that is why elevated feeder is a better solution because they allow your dog’s neck to relax while eating.

If you are looking for the best ceramic bowl for your French Bulldog - look no more. With this Ceramic Designer Dog Food Bowl you will have both - highly functional bowl and posh home accessory.

  • Perfect angled for Frenchie needs
  • Reduces bloating in addition to strain on dog’s neck and joints
  • Easy to clean, dishwasher safe
  • Quality 360 degree free tilt design, uniquely designed in a way for allowing pet owner to adjust the bowl position freely for best feeding posture
  • Special raised bowl that prevents food and drink from spilling by the food falling towards the center
  • Best way to easily feed your pets comfortably and hygienically