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Warm Boots for frenchies (WS29)

Warm Boots for frenchies (WS29) - frenchie Shop

Warm Boots for frenchies (WS29)

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Did you know that your Frenchies need Frenchie snow booties to protect their paws during winter? The cold can be just as rough on your Frenchie's feet, as it is on you. Winter walks can be downright dangerous for your pooch, as exposure to the bitter cold, slush, chilly rain, sleet, and snow can cause drying, cracking, trauma and frostbite to your canine’s feet. Your pup’s paws need special care in winter, luckily there are Frenchie booties for snow for you to protect your pup’s feet.

Season: Autumn/Winter
Packed: 4pcs/lot
Size :