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Frenchie Backpack™ [V1] (CS03)

Frenchie Backpack™ [V1] (CS03)

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The French bulldog backpack carrier presents the solution in case your pooch experiences fear from being left alone. It's suitable for both puppies and older dogs that started to lose the sense of vision or suffer from arthritis and painful joints. It's also suitable for injured pooches that can not temporarily walk.

Whether you are traveling or want to save your furry gremlin from over-exhausting, our Frenchie Backpack presents the right fit for such a situation!  It's available in 2 colors and has an adjustable opening and wide shoulder strap with reflective stripe. The backpack is made from breathable mesh so you can be sure that your pooch will not feel hot in the summer months.

Frenchie Backpack Design

An adjustable opening ensures a comfortable and stable fit for your pet in the French Bulldog Backpack. With the 3 pockets included, you can tuck in snacks and toys for your Frenchie.

The two shoulder straps are wide and stable to reduce jerky movements, and the additional collar D-ring inside the backpack is designed to keep your Frenchie in place while traveling.

With our well-ventilated, lightweight, sturdy, and pet-approved backpack, your French Bulldog will immediately feel comfortable! The comfortable design combined with the soft interior will make your pet feel comfortable and enjoy the trip!

  • Ventilated cooling side panels
  • Adjustable dual side pockets
  • Sternum strap avalanche whistle clip
  • Moisture-wicking, ventilated shoulder straps 

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Customer Reviews

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Frenchie Backpack™ [V1] (CS03)

Super cute. Got in size L for my 1 year old French bulldog. He is about 32 lb, little strong guy. In width size L fits fine, in a length it is running a bit on a short side for me. I got blue, didn’t want dark colors because most of the time it would be used in summer. It does has mesh sides and it is still not enough for venting ( my dog feels really hot on touch after staying in the backpack for around 30-40 min). I would like space/ openings for the legs to be a bit more spaced so dogs with a wide chest don’t look “ crumbled”.

Frenchie Backpack™ [V1] (CS03)

You can buy this item for $12, this site is a ripoff all items come from China, and shipping is lame. Received my items broken as if it was used

Frenchie Backpack™ [V1] (CS03)

Fantastic buy - Coco absolutely loves being ferried around. We are no longer limited to short walks. Winner all round.

Nikolas C.
Frenchie Backpack™ [V1] (CS03)

Leo loved it so much, he instantly fell asleep.

jorozcog T.
Frenchie Backpack™ [V1] (CS03)

Finally got to climb up the mountain, always had to return or carry Picasso a while, now is easier for us to walk all together.