Why Is My French Bulldog Puppy Not Eating?

Why Is My French Bulldog Puppy Not Eating?

Being a French Bulldog puppy owner, it is very distressing when your Frenchie pup isn’t eating. After all, a healthy diet is one of the most important parts of your French Bulldog's life.

As a responsible French Bulldog parent, you must be concerned about your pup's health. This requires keeping a tight check on their diet, appetite, and eating schedule.

In this post, we are going to share the reasons why Frenchie puppies refuse to eat and recommend solutions for them.

Causes of my French Bulldog puppy not eating

French Bulldog puppies may go off their food due to changes in their environment, stress, an adverse reaction to medicine, dental problem, or pain.  There is also the possibility your puppy is just fussy and turning their nose up at the food you’re offering them. Sometimes, loss of appetite in puppies is a common symptom of a serious health problem.

Here are a couple of reasons why puppies aren’t interested in eating.

Change of environment

Any change in environment and routine can affect your French Bulldog puppy’s appetite. These changes in the environment include 

  • Addition of a new pet in the family
  • Weather changes
  • Traveling or moving to another place 
  • Absence of a family member
  • New pet bowl
  • Change in feeding schedule
  • New puppy food

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Your French Bulldog puppy has diet issues

There are some food issues you should consider if your puppy is not eating. Your puppy may refuse to eat if:

  • The food has gone stale.
  • There is a recent switch in puppy food that tastes or smells differently than the old food. 
  • There is food sensitivity to one or more ingredients.
  • Your Frenchie puppy is a picky eater.
  • You are overfeeding your puppy.
  • Your puppy is bored with the food because they are eating the same thing every day. 

Your Frenchie puppy is stressed

Puppies who suffer from stress or separation anxiety may not eat when left home alone. An anxious puppy waits for its owner to be there to eat. 

Underlying health problem

An important step you should take as a puppy owner is to rule out any medical issue that can be an underlying reason your puppy may not be eating. If puppies get sick, they don’t eat for a couple of days until they get better.

If your puppy suddenly stopped eating without any changes in its routine, you should take your puppy to the vet for a check-up. This will ensure that your puppy isn’t just feeling under the weather.

Your Frenchie puppy is on medication

Often treatment of a disease can give nausea and make your puppy not eat. Certain drugs are upsetting for puppies ' stomachs. Antibiotics and Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs cause loss of appetite.

Your Frenchie puppy has dental problems

Any mouth, gum, or teeth problems of your puppy may cause them to refuse to eat. They may not be eating because something in their mouth is causing pain and stopping them from swallowing properly. 

Your Frenchie puppy doesn't realize he is hungry

Sometimes French Bulldog puppies keep going and don’t even realize they’re hungry. New surroundings, discoveries, new everything distracts from the desire to eat.

What To Do If Your French  Bulldog Puppy Is Not Eating? 

Solutions, when your French Bulldog puppy won’t eat, will depend on what you and your vet determine to be the cause of the problem.

Solving food-related loss of appetite in French Bulldog puppies

When it comes to food-related reasons for a loss of appetite in French Bulldog puppy, here are some simple solutions to implement.

  • When introducing new food to your French Bulldog puppy, don't be hasty and switch gradually to new food.
  • Try to get high-quality food for your French Bulldog puppy.
  • Find out which taste and smell your French Bulldog puppy likes and offer those foods.
  • When switching food, choose an option with similar nutritional value.
  • Slowly make the transition from one puppy food to another.
  • You may also add a bit of warm water to your French Bulldog puppy's kibble to make it more appealing.
  • Don't offer spoiled food and always check the expiration date before giving it to your French Bulldog puppy.
  • If your French Bulldog puppy is sensitive to food ingredients, choose food without the ingredient your Frenchie puppy is sensitive to.
  • If your French Bulldog puppy is bored with the same food for a longer time, add variety and mix things up every once in a while.
  • Make sure the food is at the right temperature for your French Bulldog puppy.

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Treating environmental and behavioral loss of appetite in Frenchie puppies

When it comes to behavioral and environmental reasons for a loss of appetite in Frenchie puppies, the process can be a little more time-consuming. 

Here are some useful tips for getting your French Bulldog puppy to eat regularly:

  • Give your French Bulldog puppy enough exercise, mental stimulation, and attention.
  • Don’t tell or punish your French Bulldog puppy for not eating. You should be patient and supportive.
  • Cut back on treats and only give them as a reward.
  • Take your French Bulldog puppy for a walk before mealtime or allow free play in the yard.
  • Avoid giving table scraps to your French Bulldog puppy.
  • Keep trash cans locked and away from your curious Frienchie fur baby.
  • Keep dangerous things out of the reach of your French Bulldog puppy.
  • Try to use products in your home that are known to be safe for the French Bulldog puppy.
  • Keep all medicines in cabinets. If you accidentally drop a tablet on the floor, you should look for it immediately.
  • Choose pet-safe household plants and flowers for your home and yard.

Structured Feeding Schedule

The structured feeding schedule is when you have a set time scheduled to feed your Frenchie puppy. On that scheduled feeding time you fill your French Bulldog puppy’s bowl as usual. However, this time you only allow your Frenchie puppy to eat for a certain amount of time. If your Frenchie puppy chooses not to eat, simply pick up the food bowl and your French Bulldog pup doesn’t eat until the next scheduled time.

Wrapping up

Loss of appetite should never be ignored, even if your French Bulldog puppy’s behavior has not changed. It often signals a serious underlying medical problem and must be examined by a vet. Finding and treating the underlying cause of loss of appetite in French Bulldog puppies is the best way to approach this problem.

Your Frenchie puppy gets its energy from the food it eats. Unlike adult French Bulldogs, puppies need to eat food three times a day. Stick to a routine and give your Frenchie puppy regular potty breaks.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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My frenchie is active but not eating enough according to the chart. is it good to have more than 1 brand of dog food. he is only 3 1/2 months


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