How to Select and Buy the Right Clothes for My French Bulldog

How to Select and Buy the Right Clothes for My French Bulldog

French Bulldog is an adorable being. Very lovely and playful friend. Your Frenchie can lighten up your mood when you are sad with some of their funny tricks around the house. The joy of owning a French Bulldog is better experienced than described. That's why a majority of French Bulldog owners do not just say they got a new dog when they adopt a French Bulldog, they say, "We have a new family member." My French Bulldog is not just a dog, it is part of our family. So, if you consider your Frenchie part of your family, you won't forget him or her when you go shopping.

However, when Frenchie owner shop clothes for their cute little friend, there's always a challenge - the challenge of selecting and buying the right size of clothes for your Frenchie. In fact, unless you are shopping offline and you walk into the store with your Frenchie in hand, chances are you'll still make a mistake and fail to pick the exact size of clothes for your cutie. So, what do you do to solve this, and avoid the ugly experience of buying an oversize, or undersized clothes for your pet.

In this article, we are covering how you can select your dog clothing and buy the right clothes for your French Bulldog and we are going to show you the steps to take in order to ensure that you get the best of the right one for your dog.

Let's go:

1. Use a Soft Tape to measure your French Bulldog's Chest Girth and Neck Girth.

Somewhat recommend measuring your Frenchie weight. While that may be a good idea to note while your French Bulldog clothes, it is not the principal thing to note. The more important thing you should pay attention to is your Frenchie's Chest and Neck Girths, those are the areas you want to make sure that the clothes you are buying fits well.

2. Check the Chart Size Below the Product Description.

Shopping from a standard Frenchie store like Frenchie Shop, you'll always have the size chart of every clothes you want to buy right at the product description section of the product page. What this does is to guide you in making the right selection that match your Frenchie's body. Note that it will be difficult for you to make use for size chart if you do not know the actual size of your French Bulldog. So, before you visit a store online or offline, make sure you have your Frenchie's measurement already. Thanks to memory, it is not something you have to do every singles time, you can take this measurement once and use the numbers in your subsequent shopping. However, you want to make that you update it by measuring your frenchie from time to time as your pet grows.

In an event that your Frenchie's size is in-between two sizes on the size chart, our advice is that you go for the larger size.

What If You Don't Have Your Frenchie Home Yet, But You Want to Buy Them Clothes Before They Arrive?

Great idea. If this is you, if simply shows that you are going to be a great Frenchie Mom or Dad. No worries, there's a way arround it, too. French Bulldog clothes are measured in different ways, some the actually measurement are stated, others use a generic denominator like:

  1. Small (S)
  2. Medium (M)
  3. Large (L)
  4. Extra Large (XL)
  5. Extra x2 Large (XXL)
  6. Extra x3 Large (XXXL)

Since you are just adopting your Frenchie, it is better to go for the Small (S) because a newly adopted French Bulldog is expected to be small. However, if your situation is different and your new Frenchie is no longer a puppy, then you might want to go for the higher sizes. In any case, it may even be wiser to buy up to 2 different sizes up in order to make sure that you buy something they fits. French Bulldogs grow very fast so even if the clothes were bigger, they'll easily grow up to the size.


If you want to purchase a dog clothes for full-grown age Frenchie, the chest size for a standard full-grown Frenchie is about 20" - 30", and that is Extra Large (XL) or Extra x2 Large (XXL). It would perfectly fit. If you are still uncertain, buy just one instead of many and try out on your Frenchie before going for more.

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