How to Know When a Female Frenchie is in Her Period

How to Know When a Female Frenchie is in Her Period

Period flows can be very messy, and as a Frenchie owner, you need to know how to identify the signs of a Frenchie in her period so you can provide the best help for your French bulldog.

At the early stage of the period, your Frenchie will look a little bit more affectionate or grumpier. Sometimes, its appetite may increase or reduce depending on the peculiarity of the Frenchie. Many times, the appetite changes to the opposite of what it usually is; for example, if your French bulldog eats a lot before, during periods, it can have a lot less appetite.


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Another change you will notice for your Frenchie in her period is the swelling of the vulva. This is quite prominent. Blood-stained discharge can also accompany the swollen vulva. As soon as you notice this, it is time to fit her with a diaper since Frenchie does not have any tail to keep the diaper up.

Frenchie in her period will not allow male dogs to come near her, especially very early in her period; hence they will protect themselves from male French bulldogs. They will even refuse to allow the male dogs to smell them or approach them.

In the second stage of Frenchie in her period, you will begin to notice a bright red discharge. You will have to keep changing the diapers to ensure that the house stays neat, especially if your dog lives inside the house. At this stage, they will welcome the male dogs by inviting them around.

This is the stage where they should be supervised; your dog should not be out of your sight. When Frenchie in her period is on heat, she can do unimaginable things to get the satisfaction that she needs. Keep them within reach and also lock their cages if they have one.

Your Frenchie should always be on a leash when you take them on a walk. This is the time they can just run off to be with other dogs.

The next sign you will notice is that your Frenchie in her period may begin to urinate more frequently than usual. Yes, take away the anxiety from your mind that something may be wrong, and know that it is just the period signs your Frenchie is having.

It can also begin to mount other dogs or even mount your legs when it is idle.

Swollen nipples and vulva are very prominent signs also; you should take note of them. Discharge can be much more frequent too, as well.


How Frequently Should I Change Their Diapers?

Frenchie in her period will usually bleed for 4 to 20 days. You may have to change their diapers daily to get them neat and avoid stuffing in soaked diapers to their abdomen. Diapers that are not changed routinely may lead to having skin reactions, especially rashes.

Hygiene is of utmost importance. Once you have learned the signs of your French bulldog periods, you should consider the necessary steps to ensure that they are neatly catered for, so the blood droppings don’t harbor bacteria that can later infect them.
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