Do Female French Bulldogs Get Their Periods?

Do Female French Bulldogs Get Their Periods?

Yes, Female French bulldogs can get their periods, except they are spayed. However, female Frenchie period can be very messy, especially if this is your first time having a female dog. Female French bulldogs will have their period at least twice a year. This means in 6 months; you should expect your French bulldog to have her period. The circle for heat will last for weeks, which is when the Frenchie is ready for breeding.

Period cycle

From birth till maturity, it takes the Female French bulldog an average of 6 to 9 months to see their full period within which they will have their heat cycle. If the Frenchie is not spayed, it will take some of them some time to start their cycle every six months. Some others will have a regular cycle only after 1 to 2 years.


The beginning of the period cycle for your Frenchie is usually referred to as proestrus; this lasts between 5 to 18 days. This period is accompanied by excess vaginal discharge and can be messy. You will need to monitor the Frenchie constantly for her to not mess up the surroundings with the blood droppings.

During this early stage of her period, male dogs are usually attracted to them, but they are not interested in mating.


The next stage of the heat period is referred to as the estrus. This stage usually lasts between 5 and 13 days. It is at this second stage that the Frenchie can get pregnant. The vulva is swollen and ready for penetration. Some discharge is watery in nature and yellowish in color. Any male that comes close to this period will be given reception.

Diestrus and Anestrus

After the estrus is the diestrus in a normal canine estrous cycle, this stage can also be a mating phase and lasts for up to 3 months. However, if the Frenchie is pregnant, the cycle will last for about 63 days. Another long period in the cycle is called Anestrus. This is an inactive stage. It marks the end of the period cycle till the cycle repeats itself again.


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Does Period mean they are on Heat?

Female Frenchie will usually be on heat during their period. The heat period for a Female French bulldog usually goes on for about 21 days. Other pets have shorter heat durations, maybe two weeks. The sign of heat is seen when the vulva of the Frenchie begins to swell, and then bleeding marks the end of the cycle.

Bleeding begins at the beginning of the period and this smell attracts male dogs around. But the best time for the Frenchie to get pregnant is the period when their discharge will turn watery. Hence, estrus is the best time to target for your French bulldog to get pregnant.

You should monitor your Female French bulldog to know when it is on its period. There are behavioral signs and psychological signs. But out of all the signs, the most prominent is the swelling of the vulva, and with careful observation, it becomes more expansive and turgid, and there is usually a blood tinged discharge. 


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