How Can I Make My French bulldog Smell Good All the Time?

How Can I Make My French bulldog Smell Good All the Time?

Dogs are man's best friend, and that's one of the reasons why people spend so much time looking for new ways to take care of them. Dogs are naturally clean animals, but that doesn't mean that they always smell good.

If your French bulldog happens to be smelly then it's time you bathe him. French bulldog grooming is an important aspect of taking care of this breed. In this blog, we will look at the reasons why French bulldogs smell and some of the ways to help your French bulldog smell good all the time.

Why Do French bulldogs Smell Bad?

Dog smell is a normal thing. The reason why dogs smell, how long they continue smelling, and how it can be prevented all depend on the animal's breed, type of coat, and diet. Besides, another factor is a hormone that has a special role in dog smell.

If you want to keep your French bulldog fresh and clean, you need to focus on the dirty areas and that includes their folds. Just like humans smell terrible if they don't shower every day (and keep everything else under wraps), dogs can get extremely stinky too so it's important to pay attention to their furry parts and obviously, clean them all.

Many people might tell you that it's impossible to keep a Frenchie smell delectable but with this step-by-step instructional guide, your dog will smell more flowery than it ever has before.

How My French bulldog Can Smell Great?

Bathe Them Regularly

Bathing a dog isn’t just a matter of hygiene, it can help you to keep your dog healthy. Dog owners are encouraged to bathe their pets as frequently as is necessary to keep them clean and smelling good. It’s important to know that not all breeds need the same amount of baths.

Some dogs love the softness of water on their skin, but most water-loving pups can get clean with a simple grooming session. Your Frenchie needs bathing once a month if he spent most of his time inside the house. If he loves to play in mud then bathing frequency should be more than once.

Another thing to keep in mind is to use dog-specific shampoo for your Frenchie because they can suffer from dry coat and allergies if given a bath by ordinary shampoo.

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Brush Their Coat

Dog owners should not forget to brush their Frenchie coats. In doing so, they remove dander, allergens, dirt, and dead hair. This activity also helps distribute natural oils throughout the dog's fur and makes it shiny and smooth. French bulldog brushing is, of course, a necessary task but in the same way, it helps dogs shed excess hair and allows natural oils to sink into their coat, it also supplements the bond between dog and owner.

French bulldogs need a special comb for their brushing. A comb-like combify Frenchie comb is best for your French bulldogs. This revolutionary little tool is specially designed to help you remove loose and shedding hair from your dog without removing as much hair from his/her body as regular combs. The ergonomic design makes it easy to comb your dog, even if it has long hair.

Combify TM - Frenchie Comb (CS01)

Teeth Cleaning

Your Frenchie’s breath can be affected by not only what he consumes but also his dental hygiene. If a French bulldog consumes food that contains artificial colors and flavors, it can affect the stench of their breath, as well as how long food lasts in their digestive system. A Frenchie that eats lentil beans or apricots with their meals for example is more likely to have fresh breath after eating because their natural sugars are less likely to rot in the mouth.

Frenchies require a special toothbrush designed to thoroughly clean their teeth. This double head finger toothbrush for Frenchie is the best for this job. It contours perfectly to your dog’s mouth, so it doesn’t hurt when pressed near the gum line of your puppy.


Ear Cleaning

French Bulldogs have extremely wide, jumbo-sized ears so they won't be able to fully clean them themselves! If you find that your French Bulldog is shaking their head a lot or scratching their ear region, usually signs of an infection, then you should consider cleaning their ear.

It’s important that you clean the ear regularly while also putting those cotton swabs in the back if you wish to take off some wax under the cartilage. Always use a specific dog ear cleaning solution when cleaning your dog ears.

Nail Trimming

Trimming your dog's nails is a vital part of his general health. Every dog needs to get regular nail trimming so they don't lose their ability to walk or feel pain in their paws. Dogs with long nails can also get debris trapped underneath, causing smells that throw off the scent-chasing dogs and get them (and more importantly you) into trouble.

Nail trimming is a difficult process by this Automatic nail trimmer for Frenchie makes everything easy. This amazing pet nail clipper guarantees a safe and painless grooming experience by cutting nails at a sound frequency that will not startle or scare your pets. This nail trimmer is very easy to use and saves both your time and money.

Clean Their Face Folds

Dogs with folds on their face require regular cleaning because they may sometimes have odor issues. As it is with Frenchies, folds around the mouth tend to collect dirt and food particles which can develop into an odor due to microorganisms breaking down the waste on the surface of the skin. Morning grooming is recommended as food can splatter during meals and have leftovers collecting in these folds throughout the day.


It is possible to make your French bulldog smell good all the time. The solution to a bad-smelling French bulldog is to regularly groom your dog, brush its teeth, bathe the dog, and keep the dog healthy. By doing these things you will ensure that your French bulldog will not stink and that he will appear clean.

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Im new to owning a puppy for the first time. Since I brought my frenchie home at 2 months old, i noticed her body had a smell. I took it upon myself to bath my puppy using a puppy shampoo. But even after her bath she still smells. Any tips on How can I keep my frenchie from smelling even after bathing? Thanks in advance for any advice.


Is there a certain shampoo, dog food, and other items you could suggest for my frenchie, she is 9 months old.
Thank you, Cindi

Cindi Heil

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