Can French Bulldog Swim?

Can French Bulldog Swim?

Almost every French bulldog owner will want to get an answer to this troubling question; can French bulldog swim? Many want to know this fact because they need to know if they should be scared or not if their Frenchie falls into a pool of water.

The fact is that most dogs like to have a good bath, and many dog breeds have an instinct to swim, but the French bulldog can't swim.

French bulldogs love water, but the truth is that they can't swim. As long as the Frenchie can stand inside the water, then you have no problem, as in when your Frenchie is inside a home pool like PoolMax. They can go inside the pool of water with their legs. But real swimming where the legs of the Frenchie will no longer touch the bottom is usually not possible for French bulldogs.


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Why Can't French Bulldogs swim?

The physique is the first challenge for French bulldogs. They are heavier than other dog breeds. Also, the French bulldog is heavier in the front than in the back. And because of this heavy front, the Frenchie can only attempt to swim only briefly.

The main difficulty is finding it difficult to turn in the water; the heavyweight in the front will then make them sink. And once he starts to sink, he can't get his head up above the water level; you have to help him out quickly.

When you go for a walk and wonder if your French bulldog swim, ensure you simply have a long leash on it so it doesn’t stroll carelessly into water. This will help you control how far it goes in the water. And ensure he does not drown when he enters the water.


What to Do If Your Frenchie Falls into the Water?

All dogs will panic when it falls into a pool of water; this includes your Frenchie. This panic may come partly because the ground may be too high to climb as it is seen in harbors. But when your Frenchie goes into the water, you should first ensure your safety before venturing to help him.

Check to know if there is a place to get your dog out of the water. Assess the current of the water and know if it is too fast for you to dive in.

You may want to ask those passing by to help if you can't swim. It is wiser for you to address a particular person than just going into fits of panic before a crowd.

If your Frenchie sees you panic, it will also panic. Once you or the good neighbor gets close to your dog, pull out of the water by the collar or neck skin if it doesn't have any collar on.

Ensure to dry your Frenchie as soon as possible; remember, drastic temperature changes are usually tricky for French bulldogs to control. Warm him up as low temperatures are catastrophic for his health.

Also, if you want to know if your French bulldog swim, and you take your Frenchie close to a pool of water, ensure that you have a leash on or wear your Frenchie a life jacket.

Have the Frenchie get familiar with the life jacket by putting it close where it stays before wearing it. Do not force the life jacket on the Frenchie.

Since French bulldogs can't swim, ensure you have a leash or a life jacket whenever you want to visit near the pool or river.

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French bull dogs can swim

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