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Rainmax™ - Frenchie Ultimate Raincoat (WJ11)

Rainmax™ - Frenchie Ultimate Raincoat (WJ11)

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Our Frenchie ultimate raincoat is brand new, made from PU Leather, 100% rain/water-resistant, corrosion-resistant. Using this pet raincoat with a hooded design prevents hair from getting wet, and it will not interfere with the French Bulldog's vision.

As dogs have hair that absorbs water like a sponge, they should not be without a dog raincoat, as they become extremely cold if the hair absorbs water.

The Frenchie raincoat keeps pets dry and comfortable in wet weather. The coat makes it possible for pets to go outside when it is raining.

High-quality materials make this raincoat look more special, fresh, and sweet. It is the best raincoat for Frenchies and other breeds. 

Your little one will stand out in this designer pet outfit with both style and eye-catching appeal.

If you have any questions, please email us. Our customer service is friendly and responsive.

Buy this Frenchie ultimate raincoat for your pet. Enjoy free worldwide shipping. 

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