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Warmex™ - Frenchie Luxury Raincoat (WL07)

Warmex™ - Frenchie Luxury Raincoat (WL07)

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The Warmex™ - Frenchie Luxury Raincoat is just for you! With a waterproof exterior and a warm and plush lining, your Frenchies will be as dry and happy as they can be.  The Warmex™ - Frenchie Raincoat is the last word in French bulldog fashion. With this product, you can say goodbye to messy hair, wet dog smell, and soggy shoes without breaking the bank.

- Ultimate protection from cold and rainy days
- Heavy-duty, water-repellent material keeps your furry friend dry and cozy
- Stylish black and gold color gives the pet raincoat a fresh look
- Double hem at the bottom ensures puddles stay outside, not inside
- Waterproof and windproof design
- Warm fleece lining for extra comfort
- Fits all sizes of Frenchies
- Free worldwide shipping
- Buy this trendy Frenchie raincoat now!

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