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Stylia™ - Frenchie Stylish Sweater (WL06)

Stylia™ - Frenchie Stylish Sweater (WL06)

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Every Frenchie parent wants to dress their pampered French Bulldog in the winter. It is difficult to find Frenchie clothes that fit in style and size and keep them warm even when it's cold outside.

Our Stylia™ - Frenchie Stylish Sweater will keep your French Bulldog warm this winter! Available in various sizes, these hoodies come with slits just for those cute big, face Frenchie.

  • Keep your Frenchie warm and cozy in this best-selling product!

  • This Frenchie hoodie is made of high-quality materials that keep the body temperature warm while they enjoy their nap. Machine washable and durable, this is a must-have for all Frenchie lovers!

Order this Cozy winter hoodie for Frenchie. We offer FREE shipping worldwide.

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