How To Understand And Help French Bulldog Anxiety Problem?

How To Understand And Help French Bulldog Anxiety Problem?

Anxiety in French bulldogs is a major problem. If your Frenchie is often stressed, have a hard time sleeping, or get aggressive when around other dogs, it's important to take him to the vet for an exam. Your vet will be able to help determine what's going on with your pup. And don't worry - there are ways to treat anxiety that work well for most dogs who suffer from it.

In this blog we will discuss the problems that cause anxiety in French bulldogs and how to treat these issues.

Signs That Your French Bulldog Is Suffering From Anxiety

French bulldogs are just like people! They get stressed, and their stress is usually evident through body language. Sometimes they express it audibly too and a little whine here, or there isn't uncommon at all for this emotional breed of pup. However, some of the most common signs that your Frenchie is suffering from anxiety are

Excessive Barking And Howling

Dogs have an instinct to bark. However, French bulldogs are not known for being yappy dogs and won't typically emit excessive barks compared to other breeds of dogs. If your French bulldog is barking, they can sense that their owner is about to leave them. If this happens often and the frequency increases when you're not at home, then it's likely because of separation anxiety issues which may require professional help from a dog behavior consultant in order for things to improve.


Loss Of Appetite

You may notice that your French bulldog is not as interested in their food. This could be because of the stress they're feeling and need some time off from eating to recover, or it might also mean something more serious like an illness.

Eating disorders are serious illnesses that can result in weight loss at an alarming rate. They may also show behavior similar to symptoms associated with bulimia or anorexia, including bingeing and purging on their food.


One common sign that appears in stressed or anxious French Bulldogs is a sign of aggression, either towards other people/animals (including the owner) themselves. The stress is quite evident in their every behavior.

A French bulldog is a social breed, and they aren't usually aggressive. However, showing any out-of-the-box aggression by your dog is probably an issue with something because it's not the trait of these dogs.


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Abnormal Panting

When dogs pant, it is not always a sign that they are stressed. Dogs typically sweat to cool down, and this helps regulate their body temperature by evaporating excess moisture. Panting can be a sign of anxiety or stress if your dog is suffering from overheating problem. Frenchies are a brachiocephalic breed, and they are more prone to overheating, leading to stress and anxiety.

Destructive Behavior

Anxiety can be a severe issue for French bulldogs, especially if they suffer from severe forms of the condition. When this happens to your pup, you may notice them acting out in destructive behavior such as trying to escape through the window and even attempting breakable items around their house like doors or plates on tables. Unfortunately, these actions end up getting severe injuries that make it difficult for them to recover emotionally from this state.

Hiding In Different Places

When French bulldog feels stressed, they may search the house for an enclosed space that contains the smell of their owner. Your dog will curl up in nooks and crannies all over to feel comforted. They keep hiding in those places for hours until everything comes back to normal.

Excessive Licking

French bulldogs are typically friendly, social dogs that want to make friends with everyone. However, when they feel threatened or anxious, their body language can change drastically. This includes licking their lips in an appeasement gesture which, according to behaviourists, means "I'm not here for violence, so back off."

For example, if a big German Shepherd approaches your dog, it might become nervous because the shepherd may view them as prey, but instead of attacking as most animals would do, under those circumstances, these dogs do something more. These majestic creatures use appeasing gestures such as licking their lips to make peace and soothe the interaction.

Excessive Yawning

Dogs often yawn when they feel threatened, stressed, or nervous. If you notice that your French bulldog is yawning more than usual and repetitively, then take the situation into consideration to see if there are any possibilities for what could be causing stress. This may include being placed around too many strangers or even by another dog that seems dominant (or unfamiliar environments).

How To Help Your Frenchie Bulldog In Anxiety Problem?

  • Try to identify the trigger that causes anxiety in French bulldogs. If you learn what might disturb your pup, it will be easier to get them back on track.
  • You should be careful when forcing your dog into stressful situations, as the opposite effect will occur. Instead of overcoming fears and becoming less scared in an intimidating environment, they become stressed out even more.
  • If your French bulldog is constantly stressed and you're having trouble isolating the cause. If this goes on, it could lead to a pathological condition. Your vet will be able to help diagnose what may have caused these emotions by either behavior training therapy or by prescription medicine.
  • French bulldogs are social animals that need lots of playtime with their owners. They love games like fetch, taking them for walks at the dog park, or going on vacation. Some best toys  like Rolify BallIQ Treat ball interactive food egg can also do wonders. If you constantly give them mental or physical stimulation, there will be fewer anxiety problems.
  • The key to overcoming fears and anxiety is done through training and personal insight. Get the help of a professional trainer if you are unable to solve their issues.


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If you've been experiencing anxiety in your French bulldog, there are many ways to treat this issue, and the best way is by learning about the cause. If you identify the cause, then you can help them overcome this issue.

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