Training Tips For French Bulldogs

Training Tips For French Bulldogs

Training your French Bulldogs is exciting but at the same time, it's challenging. Frenchies are social creatures and thrive on human companionship. They need consistent training right from puppyhood. 

Regular training and socialization are extremely important for your French Bulldogs. Training can strengthen the bond between you and your French Bulldogs. It also brings pleasure and fun to you and your Frenchie. 

10 training tips for French Bulldogs 

Here are some remarkable training tips for your French Bulldogs:

  • Choose the right training equipment
  • One of the essential things is to have the right training equipment. Choose the right type of leash, collar, or harness for your French Bulldog. It gives greater control over your French Bulldog and discourages pulling and other undesirable behavior. 

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  • Avoid distractions during training sessions

    Training becomes easier if your French Bulldog is focused and attentive to your commands. Avoid distractions when you start training your French Bulldogs as they get overly excited by any noise or movement. Start training your Frenchie in a quiet area having few distractions. Once your French Bulldog starts learning, gradually move on to more distracting places.

  • Reward-based training
  • French Bulldogs learn and perform better with positive reinforcement techniques. Punishments and harsh treatment will damage their temperament. 

    Instead of punishing your French Bulldog, you need to reinforce good behaviors. Reward-based methods make training easier and help develop good behavior in French Bulldogs. You can use the following reward-based training methods for completing the tasks successfully.

    • Reward them with treats 
    • Reward them with toys
    • Praise your French Bulldog 
    • Reward them with playtime 
  • Be consistent and show a lot of patience
  • Training your French Bulldog requires patience and consistency. Training your Frenchie requires consistent messages and rules given over time. French Bulldogs learn at different rates. Some of them are intelligent and easily trainable while others need more time and effort. So, don't worry if your French Bulldog doesn't pick things up immediately.

  • Keep training sessions short and sweet
  • Frenchie puppies usually have a very short attention span. They distract easily and tend to lose focus quickly. Keep your training sessions short and always end them on a positive note. They should last no more than 15 minutes. All training sessions must end on a positive note.

  • Become the Alpha of your pack
  • You must establish your position as the Alpha of the family. Remember, your furry member is looking for a compassionate leader, not a bully. 

    Get to know your French Bulldog and earn his confidence, loyalty, and respect. You need to be aware of your Frenchie's distinct personality and temperament. Being a pack leader, you need to clearly define the ground rules for your French Bulldog.

  • Provide opportunities for socialization: 
  • All Frenchie puppies need socialization and early exposure to many different people, animals, sights, and sounds. This will ensure that your French Bulldog grows up to be a well-behaved and well-rounded dog.

  • Provide opportunities for physical and mental stimulation
  • Frenchie puppies need exercise and mental stimulation to stay active and happy. By exercising your French Bulldog, you will reduce behavioral problems through fun activities. 

    You can meet your French Bulldog's exercise requirements by 

    • walking
    • playing fetch
    • playing with interactive toys
    • Free play in fenced yard 
  • Don’t train on a full tummy
  • Training your French Bulldog on a full tummy is downright dangerous. French Bulldogs are inclined to sleep after meals. After meals, your Frenchie puppy might become sleepy and less likely to work for treats. Always train on an empty stomach when your French Bulldog is light or is getting munchy. 

  • Think about hiring a professional dog trainer for your dog

  • Training your Frenchie is a commitment and requires much time and dedication. If you are unable to devote much time to your French Bulldog, consider getting help from a dog trainer. The professional dog trainer will evaluate your French Bulldog’s behavior and provide you with expert advice.

    You can enroll your French Bulldog in puppy classes. It's a great place to help your Frenchie puppy with basic obedience and socialization. Your French Bulldog will learn basic manners and know how to behave around other dogs. 

    Types of training your French Bulldog needs

    Your French Bulldog might need the following training.

    Obedience training: It is slightly more advanced than behavioral training and helps your French Bulldog understand the basic commands like sit, stay, drop it, and lie down. It will be much easier to teach when your French Bulldog is still young as puppies respond well to early training. You can start training your French Bulldog when it is only 7 weeks old. Obedience training can also help to overcome behavior problems in French Bulldogs.

    Crate training: Crate training is also a very important step in Frenchie ownership. Establish the proper mindset that crate training isn't imprisoning your French Bulldog. A safe and comfortable crate can fulfill your Frenchie's natural desire for a den.

    Leash training: Leash training can be tough but is essential for all French Bulldogs. It is particularly valuable if the two of you are going to enjoy regular walks together. Your French Bulldog should always be on a leash when out with you.

    Housebreaking and potty training: Housebreaking and potty training are among the primary challenges of many French Bulldog parents. It requires a bit of time, effort, and patience. 

    While housebreaking your French Bulldog, try to keep him on a regular feeding schedule. Take your Frenchie puppy out immediately after it wakes up, during and after playtime, and after meals. Pick a bathroom spot outside, and always take your Frenchie puppy to that spot.

    Behavioral training: Behavioral training is important as it teaches your French Bulldog to behave well around people and other animals. This training manages behavioral problems in dogs.

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    Final thoughts 

    French Bulldogs are truly amazing pets. As a responsible Frenchie parent, you must understand how to train your French Bulldog effectively. 

    Remember, you need to be consistently firm and patient with your French Bulldog but never harsh. Praising them and giving them treats during training sessions is rewarding for you and your French Bulldog.

    Which training tips work best for your French Bulldog? Feel free to share your thoughts. We would love to hear from you!

    Happy training!

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    my frenchie is one year old and she barks at humans and dogs that we encounter during our walk. It is so embarrassing, I have to cross the street because she’ll pull on the leash til she out of sight of the dog or person. I’ve tried saying no, but she just keeps barking


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