Studies have found that women sleep better next to their dogs than their Cat Owner counterparts. Sharing a bed with their lovely fur friend brings such an awesome feeling that women love so much. This is because dogs bring more security to women while sleeping.

It is in the nature of dogs generally to protect their owners whenever they smell danger in the air. Dogs also provide some sort of warmth which makes women tend to want to curl up and chill with their lovely pooch as they love to snuggle.

This is no bluff, a US research where 962 women living with dogs in the United States were studied. Data collected shows that 31% share their beds with Cats, 55% share their beds with their dogs, and 57% with their partners. The research findings revealed that women don't get as much quality sleep sleeping next to their cats as Cats are often awake at night touring the entire house, which disrupts their sleep at night.

Previously, we wrote an article about a 2018 study which explains why Dog Owners are Happier than Dogs.

So, next time you are choosing a pet or advising someone on which pets to choose, you know what to do.

You'd probably say, "but cats sleep a lot so how is it that sleeping next to a dog is more beneficial than sleeping to your dog". While it is indispensable that Cats sleep a lot, the important factor in this regard is the time that they sleep. The truth is that Cats sleep a lot but Dogs have a better sleeping timing. What this means is that your dogs knows, better than Cats, when to sleep, when to eat, when to go for a walk, or do any other daily routine.

Going forward, sleep next to your dog, I bet you'll love it, there's no warmth like your fur friend at night.

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