Why is my French Bulldog losing hair? | What to do about it?

Why is my French Bulldog losing hair? | What to do about it?

A smooth and glossy coat is a good indicator that your French Bulldog is getting everything they need from their diet, environment and lifestyle. Seeing your French Bulldog lose his hair can be tough to witness.

Like other dog breeds. Frenchies shed quite regularly. The reason that your adorable French Bulldog shed hair is to rid their coats of old and damaged hair. However, if you notice that your Frenchie is losing more hair than usual, it's important you understand what the common causes might be before consulting a vet.

Hair loss signs in your French Bulldog 

The signs of hair loss in Frenchies can include 

  • Your dog’s hair feeling brittle or dry
  • Shedding more hair than normal  
  • The appearance of bald patches, which can be circular or irregularly shaped

Hair loss might also be focused on a specific region or generalized across your French bulldog’s whole body.

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Common causes of hair loss in French Bulldogs

There are many different reasons as to why a French bulldog loses hair. Here are some important ones:

Hair loss due to allergies

The most frequent and primary cause of French bulldog’s hair loss is allergies.

Frenchies can develop allergies just like humans, and some common signs are

  • Itchiness
  • Hair loss or bald patches
  • Swelling on dog's body
  • Red eyes or skin
  • Shortness of breath or wheezing
  • Diarrhea or vomiting 

Typically a skin allergy is the result of environmental triggers like: 

  • Molds
  • Pollens
  • Dust mites
  • Parasites (ticks, fleas, mites)

The most common allergies that your French Bulldog can suffer from are:

  • Environmental allergies: Your Frenchie may be allergic to environmental allergens like mold, dust, pollen. These will make your dog itchy resulting in painful lesions and hair loss.
  • Food allergies: When your French bulldog consumes a specific food he is allergic, his body will produce a sudden allergic reaction. Some French bulldogs are allergic to beef, dairy, wheat, chicken, corn, or soy.
  • Flea allergies: If your French Bulldog is losing hair around its neck and tail, there’s a chance it’s due to fleas. These parasites can rapidly infest your dog and irritate their skin; this leads to intense scratching and itching, which can cause hair loss.

How to deal with it: If your vet suspects your French Bulldog of having a food allergy, he or she will likely recommend a hypoallergenic diet. Treatment for flea allergies may include topical or internal medication, allergy shots, and avoiding the allergen. Consult your vet for uncontrollable itching, skin irritation, or hair loss in Frenchies.

Hot spots

Hot Spots or Acute moist dermatitis is a painful condition in French Bulldogs where the skin becomes reddened, moist, and swollen and oozy patches are formed.

Hot spots appear in areas that are prone to moisture like the neck, hips, under the ear flaps, and in between the skin folds. Hot spots are more likely to occur during warm weather and periods of high humidity.

How to deal with it: The first step to treat hotspots is to clean that area thoroughly. Then visit your vet for ointments or any medication that can be used on your dog’s skin.

Infections causing bald patches

Bacteria and yeast are normally present on your French Bulldogs’ skin. Sometimes, they can grow out of control and create an infection. Your poor Frenchie can suffer from hair loss, itching, and redness due to bacterial or fungal yeast infections.

A skin infection from ticks, mites, or fleas can contribute to canine patchy hair loss. These itchy or scaly bald patches on the body of your French Bulldog are cause for a trip to your vet. 

How to deal with it: After examining your French Bulldog, your vet will prescribe antibiotics or antifungals to treat the infection. 

Seasonal Flank Baldness

Seasonal Flank Baldness is a type of alopecia due to your French bulldog’s decreased exposure to sunlight. This usually happens if you live in a cold environment or your daily routine restricts you and your Frenchie from going outside.

How to deal with it: Although French bulldogs are indoor pets, they still need to get out daily. Sunlight exposure gives your French bulldog the essential Vitamin D. It gives hair follicles the needed vitamins to grow healthily and prevent Seasonal Flank Baldness.

Hormonal problems

A French Bulldog’s hair growth is influenced by different hormones present in their bodies. If these hormones reach a certain abnormal level, either high or low, it can cause hair loss in your Frenchies.

You may notice changes in your French Bulldog’s skin color or the consistency, thickness, or distribution of the coat. You may begin to find clumps of hair on your floor and around the house. This problem can rapidly increase the rate of hair loss and cause the hair to become dry and brittle without itching.

How to deal with it: If your dog is suffering from abnormal hormone levels, the simple approach would be to neuter or spay the pet and watch for resolution of the clinical signs. This alone may be enough to resolve the skin disorders.


Your French Bulldog’s hair loss may be due to mange caused by mites. These mites are often buried in the hair follicles of your pet. 

There are different species of mites that cause mange to French Bulldogs:

  • Demodex mange: It localized on one spot of an infected Frenchie
  • Sarcoptes mange: It is more general on the body of the infected dog.

How to deal with it: Your vet will conduct a thorough physical inspection of your Frenchie to identify the mite that may have been embedded into his skin.

Treatment of mange varies depending upon whether it is localized or generalized. The vet will prescribe the medication accordingly.

Acral lick dermatitis

Your French Bulldog could be shedding due to acral lick dermatitis. It is usually caused by certain psychological factors. Frenchie resort to excessive licking when they are bored, stressed, or anxious.

The enzymes in your French Bulldog’s saliva can cause irritation and give rise to a localized dermatitis. This may become generalized over time and cause hair shedding and baldness.

How to deal with it: In order to prevent hair loss and licking, your French Bulldog may require an Elizabethan collar, bandages, or muzzle to provide a physical barrier. If your vet suspects a food allergy as the underlying cause, an elimination diet may be given to your French Bulldog.

Poor nutrition

Nutritional deficiencies can also result in French Bulldogs’ shedding. If your dog's diet does not have adequate protein or fat, he may develop areas of hair loss.

How to deal with it: Your French Bulldog's food should be balanced to prevent nutritional deficiencies. By making simple changes to their diet, you can help prevent excessive shedding and hair loss. You must ensure a balanced diet of raw, lean meats, fresh fruit and vegetables for your Frenchie. Avoid starchy foods and add omega-3 supplements to your dog’s diet. Also, your French Bulldog should drink enough water to help prevent dehydration-related shedding. Check out French Bulldog water bottle 

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