What to Look for When Buying a French Bulldog Puppy

What to Look for When Buying a French Bulldog Puppy

Some of our readers who are not owners of French Bulldogs yet and intends to buy one, have repeatedly asked us to put together an article like this one, so we can properly guide them in buying their first French Bulldog. Though, if you are already a Frenchie Mom or Dad, trust you may still find the information here quite useful. In this piece, we'll give you a checklist of questions and warning signs to look out for while buying a French Bulldog puppy in order to ensure that you have an amazing experience with your new pet. Flow with me.

QUICK TIPS: Some Things You Should Know Before Buying a French Bulldog Puppy

Before anything else, let me tell you one reason why you are reading me right now, It Is Because You Are One Of Us - WE ARE FRENCH BULLDOG LOVERS. Some of us are owners of Frenchies, while some of us just love the cute little pet. No doubt, French Bulldogs are a bundle of joy, and if you have decided to go for one, you have made the right decision. Just like while getting any valuable thing in your life, you want to be properly guided. 

Frenchies are very playful and give you fun memories even from the very first day you meet him/her. When you get to the breeder, you'll notice that this dog is unlike some breed of dogs get along with human beings very easily, especially during their puppy life. So, you may find one or more playing with you even without knowing who you are. That feeling is indescribable when they are all over you. You are just going to love it - to say the least. 

But that can be a trap. Don't give in to it. 

French Bulldogs can play on your emotions, and you'll fall in love with them right at the breeder's place and forget to do the proper due diligence before actually going home with one. So, after your warn reception, its fine if you already have developed a soft spot for one, but still go-ahead to do the right thing. There are some very unscrupulous breeders, who carelessly breed dogs with the ill-health condition. French Bulldogs have some common health conditions, you should also try to familiarize yourself with some of these. 

Other important tips you should note is that male Frenchie puppies are more energetic while the females are more relaxed. There are other subtle behavioral differences too. Also, ensure that you are buying from a reputable breeder, one who is knowledgeable about breeding and caring for French Bulldog puppies. If they assure you that it is a quality breed and yet give you an abnormally low price, it may be too good to be true - don't yield! Check the eyes of the puppy, if they look red, it may be a sign of a health problem.

Let's jump right into the questions you should ask a breeder before buying a French Bulldog.


In order to buy a puppy that fits your personality and will live a long and happy life with you, ask the questions below:

  1. Ask to see if there is a history of any spinal problems with the puppy or the puppy's family;
  2. Ask to look inside the mouth of the puppy to see if the puppy has an excess of skin inside;
  3. Ask the breeder how many litters the mother has had. Buy a puppy of a mother who has only had only one litter, more than that means over-breeding and can lead to serious health implications;
  4. Ask if the puppy has been checked by a Vet;
  5. Ask to see the Puppy's parents;
  6. Ask if the parents have had health checks. Look out for conditions such as hip problems, cataracts, cherry eye, deafness, and soft palate issues;
  7. Ask to see the parent's medical history;
  8. Ask how old the parents are. It is preferable to buy the puppy of a mother who is over 3 years old because by less than 3 years, some genetic defects, may not have manifested yet;
  9. Ask about where the puppies have been living. Their previous living condition will go a long to have an impact on their training while with you. If they have had minimal contacts with a human being, training them might be a little bit more difficult than puppies that have interacted with human beings.
  10. Ask to speak to a previous client. Failure to offer these references may mean that there may be something about their puppies that they are hiding.

There you go, what to look out for when buying a French Bulldog Puppy. Are there other things you think one should look out for? or Questions someone should ask? You can share your experience when you bought your Frenchie below, let's learn. 

Thanks for reading Frenchie.Shop French Bulldog Article.

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Wanted to know more of the cost of french bulldog pls
Thank you

Shiela Rigbye

Do i buy it without papers?

Helena M Zappelli

I just have one question. If I’m to follow your guide and I’m suppose to buy a puppy from a single litter female how do I get any references from the breeder to follow up on health temperament Etc as prior litters would be from different bitches if the breeder is only breeding there bitches once meaning the genetics wouldn’t be the same purchased from other clients. Seems to me this portion of the article is very contradictory and not very well thought out..

Joshua Martin

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