What to Do When Your Female Frenchie is on Her Period

What to Do When Your Female Frenchie is on Her Period

There are many things to expect when your French bulldog is on. It can be very stressful when your French bulldog is in its first period. Still, whether this period is the first or it has had several periods, there are ways to care for Frenchie in that period; you need to do them to ensure you give your Frenchie the best experience during its period.

Once you have noticed that your Frenchie is in its period, the first thing to do is to have the tags and micro-chip for your Frenchie up to date. This way, if your Frenchie gets to run away with another male dog, then it can be easily found. Yes, these things happen. In fact, it is one of the tendencies to watch out for when your cutie is in her period.

During periods, you should not allow your Frenchie to leave its leash. Keeping them on leash is one way to care for Frenchie in period. Ensure it is always on a leash; this will reduce the chances for it to just run off when its hormones are on the upside. Also, the ability to locate the house may be faded significantly due to a spike in its reproductive hormones.

Again, do not let your Frenchie leave the yard. A male dog can be around the corner, and once they unite, you never can tell where next will be their destination. You may never find them until after a while. Your Frenchie may also entice a stray male dog into the compound, which will not suit you.

You may want to spay your female Frenchie if you don’t want to breed. You can talk to your vet about the right age before spaying. You should note the first day of discharge of your female bulldog. This way, you will monitor her next period if the calculations are done rightly (after six months).

Your Frenchie deserves to be neat during her period. If you don’t care for your Frenchie in her period, when your French bulldog discharges, it may mostly want to clean the blood itself, but because the smell may likely still be there, you will need to use unscented wipes. Diapers can also be used to prevent blood stains in your home.

Frenchies on heat need to follow through with their routine exercise, this is another important care for Frenchies on her period. Taking her out on a walk or letting her use the treadmill can be an excellent way to make her active. Indoor exercises are best recommended. But if you must take her out, then you should ensure she is always on a leash.

During periods, your Frenchie will need to have a separate room (if you can afford that). This will be very important, especially if you have other dogs in the house. Isolating her will reduce the amount of cleaning you have to do.

No park visiting during periods. Periods are also the time for increased sex drive. You need to ensure you protect your Frenchie the best way you can. Keep them indoors as her scent can attract a male dog from miles away. Taking her to the park may cause a scene with other male dogs present.

Being neat and away from other male dogs are the two routines you need to keep up with for your Frenchie in her period. She doesn’t require any medication. This is a natural phase in their lives just like humans.

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