Top 5 French Bulldog Clothes for Christmas

Top 5 French Bulldog Clothes for Christmas

You already know that your French Bulldog deserves some special treats this Christmas, and if you are planning on treating your Frenchie to some good looking, well thought-out French bulldog sweaters or clothings, we've got your back. Read on...

One of the most pleasurable things about owning a French Bulldog is seeing how adorable it looks in outfits. French Bulldogs are rare and are breeded to love human contacts. Another interesting fact about French Bulldogs is that they are very sensitive to extreme hot or extreme cold weathers. Hence, it is always a need for French Bulldog owners to ensure that they keep their Frenchies warm in order to warm their hearts and fur.

On the other hand, the challenging aspect of keeping your Frenchie warm comes when you realize that it is so hard to find French Bulldog clothes that specifically fit their unique body structure. French Bulldogs are a special breed of dogs; they are short (most French Bulldogs are 12 inches tall and weigh about 25 pounds), they have a wide muscular body, with square head. These characteristics make it difficult for them to seamlessly fit into other dog clothes.

Therefore, as a result of this special need for your French bulldog clothes, Frenchie Shop went to town on this one, and made some very unique and benefiting french bulldogs clothes, specifically designed to fit your lovely. Some of them could serve as your French Bulldog sweater, useful in winter weather to keep your lovely friend warm and cosy.

We have carefully handpicked the Top 5 French Bulldog Clothes you could get for your French Bulldog to look beautiful, warm and refreshed this christmas season. “Call them your French Bulldog Clothes for Christmas”.

#1 - Christmas Clothes for Frenchie

French Bulldog Clothes for ChristmasThis design is inspired by the season of Christmas. The designers carefully thought it would be most unfair to exclude your Frenchie from celebrating the Yuletide. So, you could get this 'Santa Frenchie Christmas Clothes' and make your French bulldog have a sense of belonging as you celebrate Christmas with your Family. We love this apparel not only because it looks so beautiful, but also because it combines a number of solutions in one. For instance, it is thick and could provide a shield for Frenchies in Winter seasons. You bond better with Frenchie looking just like everyone else around. Click here to 'Santa Frenchie Christmas Clothes'.


#2 - Warm Hoodie (Winter 2018)

Warm HoodieThinking of giving your French Bulldog a special treat this season. Surprise you partly due to the kind of fabric used in making it, the design, and for the need or usefulness it may provide during this winter period. It's 100% specially designed with the comfort of your Frenchie in winter periods in mind. Get Warm Hoodie for your Frenchie this Christmas.


#3 - Warm Sweatshirt (2018)

Warm SweatshirtIf this didn't make our picks for your french Bulldog Clothes this Christmas season, I wonder what would be the reason. Beyond the ecstasy of the design, which by no little means is one of the most attractive qualities of this French Bulldog sweater, its sleeves are long enough to cover your Frenchie’s entire arms. This is just a piece of admiration. Get the Warm Sweatshirt for your French Bulldog this Christmas.


#4 - Cotton Hoodie for French Bulldog

No One Cares Cotton Hoodie for FrenchieThe No One Cares Cotton Hoodie for French Bulldog made our Top pick for your Frenchie this Christmas because of the design choice, and the fashionable taste with which it was put together. The color combination could go with any environment and if you love to appear in matching designs with your best friend, this definitely was made for you. It is made of satin material which makes it a lighter load for your lovely, yet it still serves to protect your Frenchie against the Winter weather. Get the Cotton Hoodie for Frenchie Bulldog.


#5 - Merry Christmas Hoodie

Merry Christmas HoodieThis Frenchie Shop design is made of Polar Fleece material, it comes in red, black, green and white. Get this Merry Christmas Hoodie to wish your French Bulldog a merry christmas.




These are our top 5 French Bulldog Christmas Clothes. Click here for more. To let us know if you think differently about any of them, comment below.

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