Things You Should Know About Fever in Dogs

Things You Should Know About Fever in Dogs

French bulldogs are beautiful creatures that can be a good partner for you, but you must be able to detect when they are not fine. This will help you provide treatment for them early and improve their chances of getting cured of whatever illness that they pass through.

And not like people, dogs do not have a mouth to speak when they are sick. So you have to check all the cues there are for your French bulldog, so you help it remain healthy when it comes down with a fever.


Check the Temperature Always

This is the first step for you to know when there is a fever. You should first know the normal temperature by checking for the temperature at different times of the day. And just as it is for people, the dog’s temperature will change at different times of the day. But the normal temperature will usually fall within 100 and 102 degrees Fahrenheit.

The thermometer is placed in the rectum of the French bulldog when it is feeling well; also when you visit the vet, you can note the temperature of the dog too especially when the visit is just for a routine checkup.


Look Out for Symptoms

When your dog begins to behave differently, then you should note that it could be a sign that he may be having a fever. You know how you feel when you have a fever, that’s almost the same way you will feel.

Having glassy eyes is a number sign for the cold in French bulldog; runny nose, reduced energy and a reduced appetite will also be one of the symptoms that your French bulldog can have. All these are the same symptoms that will affect just any people. When you notice any of these symptoms, then it is time for you to use the thermometer.


How to Use a Thermometer for Your French Bulldog

You should buy a digital thermometer that is designed for rectal use; then you should label it for dog use. Ensure you don’t put the thermometer in the same cabinet where human medicines are kept. You don’t want anyone to use it accidentally when they are sick. However, if your French bulldog temperature is quite above normal, then you should call your vet.


What to Do if Your Dog has a Fever

Just like every other human being, your dog’s body will fight off infection, and when it does this, there is bound for an increase in body temperature. A temperature that is higher than 106 for more than 24 hours should trigger a visit to the vet.

When you notice a shift in the temperature of the French bulldog, you can offer some water to your French bulldog to help him increase its fluid content.

However because many things can lead to your French bulldog having fever, then there is nothing much you can do at home to eliminate the fever; you should visit the vet with your dog to have a proper checkup. One thing you should not do is giving aspirin or any over the counter drugs to your French bulldog. Using aspirin may prevent the use of other medications when you finally take your dog to the vet.


French bulldogs are delicate, and they hardly fall sick. So if you notice an increase in temperature for your Frenchie, then you should schedule a visit to the vet. You can also check to see if your dog has not been eating very well lately. When dogs have a fever, they tend to avoid eating because of the loss of appetite.

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