Things You Can Do too Make Staying Home with Your Frenchie more Fun

Things You Can Do too Make Staying Home with Your Frenchie more Fun

Have you been looking for ways to keep your French bulldog busy or entertained? In this period of quarantine, you need your French bulldog to be in his best mood. And yes, you need some novel ways to make your French bulldog get entertained.

The truth is that, as much as you want to do this, you need to put in some efforts to ensure your dog gets the best treatment during this period.


Benefits of keeping your dog busy

Many times, if you do not keep your French bulldog busy, they will get into trouble. You are the primary source of companion for your dog; hence you should take time to give this to them. If you do not help them get busy, they will come up with some activities on their own, and this can be detrimental to them or even you.

They can end up chewing curtains and shoes. They can bite off sensitive parts of your wardrobe and become a nuisance in the house.


Ways to Make Staying at Home with Your Frenchie More Fun:

  1. Play a game

You could think of several exciting games for your French bulldog. But only a few games match with the tug of war. It is an exciting way for you to help your dog become physically and mentally prepared.

Tug of war does not need you to have enough space; hence you can play it indoors. Although there are people who think playing this game will make your dog more aggressive, but that is not true. Also, making them win will not give them a dominant nature.

Allowing your dog to win only makes the game more fun. It makes them want to play the game more. French bulldogs that play tug of war with their owners have higher chances of becoming more confident and obedient.

You could set some basic rules for your dog while playing the game, such as the game stops as soon as your French bulldog’s teeth touch your hand.

You can also play a game of fetch with your French bulldog; this game is a good one as it improves your French bulldog’s inquisitiveness. This way, your dog gets to know its way around the house better before the isolation. Knowing his environment has a way of improving your French bulldog’s confidence level.


  1. Teach Your Dog About House Chores

Dogs always like to be a part of your activities. Hence teaching them to do house chores is one way to build confidence. They love having a job, too, no matter how small. This includes tasks such as getting your slippers.

This way, they will feel useful, primarily when you teach them the name of some items in the house. This will also impress your visitors if your French bulldog can get you something from the fridge.

When teaching them about getting something from the fridge, you should tie a cloth or rope around the door of the refrigerator so that it will be easy for them to pull open.


  1. Make your French Bulldog Work for its Food

Many a time, we give our French Bulldog a comfy lifestyle. They get a warm bed, they get much attention, and their meals are free. But it is more interesting if you set some targets for your dogs before they get their lunch served to them. This way, you stand a chance of building a stable interaction between you and your dog.

But this should be something basic, and just before his dinner is served.


  1. Teach Your Dog the Name if its Toys

Some French Bulldogs have unusual traits. They know all their toys by their names. During this self-isolation period due to COVID-19, you can help improve your French bulldog intelligence by teaching it the names of its toys.

You can do this by always calling the name of the toy anytime you want it to learn. You can also do a “Go find” with a particular toy. This way, the dog will get acquainted with the name of the toy.


French bulldogs are one of the most intelligent breeds of dogs; hence they are interesting to be with. As much as you are in isolation with them, you could help them spend their time in a fun way. Every little time you spend with them, makes them a better friend to you.

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